Strux Digital Expected to hit 1 Crore Revenue just in a Year, Read how.

Strux Digital is a marketing agency that was founded in the year 2020 with the aim to provide one end solutions to all the marketing needs of the business. With a good marketing agency, things get easy and fun.

Strux Digital is the brainchild of Vivek Kandula, who is also the current CEO of Strux Digital. Vivek Kandula is an MIT alumnus and holds more than three years of experience in the field of marketing and has worked with top coachpreneurs across the globe. He has helped coaching and consulting services expand their business and multi-fold their revenue from one lac to as high as three crores in a very short period of time. Strux Digital is on a mission to scale businesses to multi-crore revenue with their strategies and innovative planning.

Strux Digital offers a wide range of services that range from Google Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Youtube & Google Advertising and Business consulting services for Edtech businesses, Website Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Growth Consultancy Services, System Setups and the list goes on. The company specializes in creating video ads that help raw leads and visitors into loyal paid customers. As of 2021, Strux Digital had generated more than nine crores in terms of revenue for their clients in less than a year. Their customer service, planning, and strategizing have provided them with a customer base with over a 99.9% satisfaction rate. The agency holds a huge proportion of the market, and with their seamless, smooth marketing service and assistance, they make everything easy.

Strux Digital has helped various Businesses and Influenced coaches like Lokesh Lalwani, Swastik, Sarita Raj, Swastik Nandakumar, to name a few. 

Let us have a look at what their clients have to say about their services.

Swastik Nandakumar, Sales and Influence coach 

“Settles for nothing less than perfection, Relentless Out-Of-Box thinking team.”

Sarita Raj, Leading Network Marketer and Coach says,

“Smart, Professional and Brilliant. Helped me build and scale my business from scratch.”

The highly experienced and professional team of Strux Digital is working remotely, “We are a team of seven members working remotely from all parts of India and providing our services across the globe.” Over the period of time, Strux Digital has served various sectors and have seen tremendous outcomes. Vivek believes that mentor-based self-paced education is the future and is on the mission to connect to top mentors who guide and help the masses to achieve their goals and ambitions. Strux Digital is helping coaches to cater top-level education to Indians. 

The techniques and approaches that Strux Digital uses are unmatched, and to always sync with the modern-day tactics, Strix Digital has a unique concept of Internal Team Training called Strux Workshops. These are uniquely designed workshops that deal with the implementation of level marketing techniques and enhance knowledge about the same. Vivek Kandula, the CEO and founder of Strux Digital, says, “This helps to keep our team informed and keep up with changing elements in the market.” This year, i.e., in 2022, Strux Digital is going to make these workshops open to the marketing community so that everyone and anyone can learn from the workshops. “We are very excited to share our knowledge and case studies with the world while learning from them,” says Vivek.

Strux Digital is a 100% bootstrapped company that is currently generating revenue of around 50 lacs per year (as of 2021). In the year 2022, the company is expected to hit One Crore of revenue or even more. This approach of Strux Digital helps them understand their client better, which subsequently aids in offering and monitoring quality services.

Strux Digital has offered Done For You Services in 2020 and 2021 for their clients with a base retainer and a share in the profit as an incentive. In 2022, Strux Digital is all set to upgrade and geared up to launch DIY and DWY programs to provide premium quality services and practices for Startup Coachpreneurs so that they achieve their ambitions and be successful in their field. 

Strux Digital has worked with more than 25 clients in the last two years. “Although finding people who we can believe in was a challenge. There were times when we let go of clients because we did not believe in their product. But, with God’s grace, we have an amazing roster of clients who we trust and who trust us too,” said Vivek Kandula, founder and CEO of Strux Digital

The company plans to expand in 2022 and aims to help more people in the industry with their unique and innovative programs and helping current clients multiply their revenue and break their business revenue ceilings.

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