Success Story of Mr. Hitendra Dixit – CEO of Nifty Trading Academy

It is easy to find someone looking for a shortcut to financial freedom or richness through trading. However, many fail to realize that it is not simply investing all your money but a lot more. Earlier, not many Indians were aware of the risks involved, and few were confident about trading. But Mr. Hitendra Dixit paved the way for new-age trading in India.

Mr. Hitendra Dixit has brought forward a simple basic trading strategy – follow the rules. It is natural that no matter what you are doing in life – discipline and rules are of utmost importance. 

Mr Dixit highly believes that trading without rules is a mistake that eventually costs everyone. 

Educational qualifications and career life

Mr Dixit studied Civil Engineering and started his career as an employee in a construction company. Every month, Mr Dixit earned 1500 rupees, which was not enough to take care of his family. And this made him look for a better paying job. However, while the next job was paying him twice that of his previous one, it was in Surat, which was not just away from his home, but he also faced problems with accommodations or settling.

Mr Dixit’s passion for trading was not an accidental find; it is something he saw that would keep him busy and occupied after his retirement. This is an idea he got from his father’s retirement, where he deduced that without being occupied in an activity, a man could become extremely bored and feel useless in life. 

But hobbies like trading and the stock market have convinced Mr Dixit that he can pursue them even after retirement while also making money. 

Mr Hitendra Dixit’s Life Story Highlights

  • Even before starting Nifty Trading Academy, Mr Dixit was doing his research, where he gained immense knowledge and growing interest in the trading market. But he was still working in the construction business simultaneously, where clients showed disappointment because his focus and attention were more on stock marketing than construction. 
  • Mr Dixit’s expertise in trading comes purely from self-learning through societal interaction with price movement and observing stock indicators. No technical book was involved as he gradually developed his strategies and became a master of trading.
  • Nifty Trading Academy was born due to Mr Dixit’s desire to help others gain valuable income in their lives. He believes that although he was earning more than enough for a good lifestyle, after a point, the earnings rarely matter. The thing is that sharing his knowledge and expertise with people who could earn like him, or even more than he, has made him happier.
  • His highest profit was about 3.5 lac profit on Infosys stock in intraday trading. 

How He Helps His Student Through Nifty Trading Academy?

Mr Hitendra Dixit’s NTA® is all about helping amateur traders become professional traders where they can gain financial freedom. The academy offers financial literacy and knowledge through webinars, emails, blogs, courses, etc. 

NTA® is an emerging platform that offers stock market training through online and offline modes. The courses are comprehensive enough for a beginner to learn everything there is to know about trading. One of the best things about NTA® is that it combines both the newest technical knowledge and strategies and the experience of its founder Mr Dixit. 

Nifty Trading Academy offers real-time market support and lifetime membership to its traders. 

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