The Bachelor that found himself in Bangalore – The story of Arull Prakash, the CEO of Manvith Club.

Arull Prakash was just another guy born in the buzzy cities of Chennai but his hunger to do something more drove him light years ahead. To build a company to build a community and forge a fellow feeling. It is a tough job to hire and manage employees in a company but to run a business where your customers themselves are the members is a challenge that many can’t endure. However, Arull gracefully pulled through, let’s hear his story.

A desperate Arull moved to Bangalore back in the year 2009 to find his way in the struggle. He took up all sorts of odd jobs, right from beings an invoice boy and a salesman. We can definitely say, he has built himself from scratch. These humble beginnings of his had something brighter in store for him. During his dog days, he also dabbled in the profession as a travel agent and noticed how much he enjoyed this work. He loved traveling himself and loved the joy of helping other people to explore places and relax. He then took a huge leap of faith in a state of terror like every other entrepreneur and started the Manvith Holiday Club in 2018 with two directors. It was a scary time, having just started a company with no safety net. Now, the club stands eight thousand members strong. The Manvith Holiday club helps you get the relaxing holiday you need and deserve. This is the only club that gave membership to people who wanted a short holiday for the weekends, it seemed like a crazy idea at first back then, given how no other club or travel company had done this, but then Arull says, “The competition has always been there, it is scary, intimidating and terrifying all at the same time but, if and when it works out the thrill is unmatchable”. 

Manvith holiday club personifies what Arull stands for. He is resilient and reliable. Manvith holiday club is the same, they claim that they offer the most affordable and cheapest trip packages compared to anyone else and if in case anyone does find another institution that has a cheaper offer Club Manvith is willing to send you away for free. No one has been able to break that challenge, and it is still on. This is how you know you can place your trust in them and not worry about a single thing. They are also plenty responsible. The year 2019 was not a great year for the club. Due to the HongKong revolution, there were many cancellations, and everything went astray. But nonetheless, it only prepared them for the storm that was brewing. During Covid when the cancellation hit like an iceberg to a mighty ship, they did not waiver once. In fact, they stood still and skillfully managed all the cancellations and refunds with satisfied clients.

Arull is also the founder and president of the RANBALL Indian National Club (RINC), a sports club started in 2020. This is a new game that was developed by Arull himself. The club and its members have been playing the game for the last two years. He has also invented things and brought people closer in this journey of finding himself. His next step was to dabble in the field of e-commerce. He knew it had a lot of potential, and therefore he started a company called Carecing Health Met Pvt Ltd. It is an e-commerce start-up for the franchise, and it gives him already concrete business a little more support. 

We all could learn from his story from zilch to an entrepreneur. A father of two kids finding his footing in the bustling streets of Bangalore and then his start-up idea working out which goes on to create something much more significant than himself. Creating a club, a community, a cozy place for everyone to be and belong. Yo should never give up. You always start somewhere. There’s no point in thinking about that, and as Arull asserted, “The only way is ahead!”

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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