This Startup Founder Quit Her Job At 21 To Build A Profitable Jewellery Brand

Panasha Siotia was 21 when she bagged her first job at a retail store. She was, however, not very happy with it. Working for long hours without a good salary was a dampener. She could not foresee a bright future for herself in the job. Deep down, she knew that she was meant to be an entrepreneur. She spent sleepless nights thinking about the same and one fine day, it struck her that she could turn her passion for jewelry into something huge.

She quit her job in a few months and launched House Of Parati, a bespoke jewelry brand that gives women an opportunity to express their personality through surreal pieces of jewelry crafted with a traditional Indian approach and a uniquely satisfying delineation.

Has the journey been easy? Not at all, she says. She had to learn everything from scratch. From website designing and social media to sales and marketing – she studied and acquired basic knowledge on every front. “The urge in me to realise my true potential was a driving factor in my entrepreneurship journey”, she said.

The thought of turning into an entrepreneur in her early 20s didn’t intimidate her at all. “Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with age. It is all about starting from somewhere. Some start at 23, some start at 43. Entrepreneurship is a process that can be learnt at any age. I knew I will be making mistakes but the trick is to learn from them and avoid repeating them in the future”, she asserts.

Panasha calls herself lucky to be raised in a family where ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship are not only accepted but also encouraged. “My family members not only give me the right motivation to march ahead with confidence but also calm me down when I feel overwhelmed. I often turn to my mom for her expert advice on jewelry designs and their packaging”, she said.

Interestingly, House Of Parati doesn’t have a physical store. She makes use of technology to conduct her day – to – day business operations. “I was fascinated to see the pace at which the e-commerce space was evolving in India. I knew that it was the right time for me to dive into it. I rely on my website and my Facebook Lives to showcase my products. WhatsApp helps me in communicating with her clients”, she shares.

Talking more about her Facebook Lives, Panasha explained that the variety of jewelry she showcases in every live show that she hosts for House Of Parati is different from the previous one. This ensures that her audience’s interest remains intact.

Panasha also believes that social media platforms enable her to transcend class and geographical barriers to reach every woman in India who believes in herself and wants to enhance her personality.

She delivers more than 800 products across the country in a month. Her clients include women from posh areas like Bandra in Mumbai to remote areas like Dhemaji in Assam.

Recalling a client who was elated with the jewelry she purchased, Panasha said that she messaged her to say that House Of Parati’s pieces make her feel more confident as a person. There has been a huge improvement in her personality since the time she started wearing my jewelry. Clients’ messages like these, she says, fill her with the zest to go on.

What is in store for her in the future? Panasha wants to take House of Parati to great heights in the next few months. “I have been building my team to help me with social media and packaging. I also plan to come up with more exquisite varieties of jewelry in the future”, she signs off.

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