Vikas Sharma – A Prolific student coach helps students succeed in their Academics.

When a student has a problem or needs someone to listen, they need someone who can offer an empathic and reliable road map as well as guide them to resources that will help them achieve. Vikas Sharma, a teacher who has helped over 10,000 pupils, has been a mentor to many kids. He has been involved in the field of coaching since 2011, and he has exhibited capabilities in coaching service, leadership training, and trend tracking. He is an expert at debugging issues and developing effective solutions. He has built a name for himself as a motivational speaker for the age group of 12 to 24 years. He is an exceptional verbal and written communicator with a solid background in establishing positive relationships and achieving goals. Vikas, also known as a Career Coach, has served as a mentor to numerous doctors. As a learning facilitator, Vikas concentrates on the ‘now and now’ rather than the distant past or future to increase performance. Vikas does more than educate; he also assists students in unlocking their own potential in order to maximise their own performance.

Vikas founded Valence Private Limited in June 2020 to teach students in grades 11 and 12 as well as coach them for JEE Mains & Advanced / NEET. During the difficult time of Covid-19, he taught over 400 students via online mode due to the closure of many traditional coaching centers, as online classes had only recently become a reality because of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Vikas was a lifesaver for his students since the world had witnessed a paradigm shift from brick-and-mortar to virtual classrooms, and his students benefited from online coaching. 

Vikas shares his journey in a crux, “Since 2011, I’ve worked as a coach and have taught over 10,000 students in a traditional classroom setting. I had a Pvt ltd company with around 9 centres with 5-star amenities and top-notch professors that completely revolutionised the coaching landscape in South Gujarat, which is a business hub. All National Level coaching were drawn to Surat because of our presence. We were the undisputed kings of Gujarati language coaching for JEE and NEET until the advent of Covid. For all to make and develop, I acquired finances by my personal goodwill, and my company, BETAIN CAREER INSTITUTE PVT LTD, finally began producing yearly sales of 15 crores from South Gujarat alone. During Covid’s existence, the company faced severe working capital difficulty, and it was eventually shut down. With a strong attitude and extensive expertise working in the regional language market for Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi, as well as English Medium Category Courses, I built a firm worth 100 crores valuation from the ground up.

Indeed, courage is a highly prized attribute, and Vikas managed to face up against Covid 19 Pandemic with his consistency and resolve. As a critical component of leadership, his professional courage propelled him forward to a position where he deserved to be recognised for effectively defying all obstacles through sheer grit and sincere dedication. He is a living example that no matter how difficult the path or situation may be, you must learn to overcome obstacles, and the true winners are those who never give up and try again and again. 

Vikas Served as a Director for BETA IIT-NEET ACADEMY (BETAIN CAREER INSTITUTE PRIVATE LIMITED) For 8 Years and still running Thegrand Academy Private Limited as a Managing Director. He built a strong social media presence and engaged with thousands of people online. He’d spoken to crowds of up to 2000 people in real-time. Developed a number of tools to help people improve their communication, self-esteem, and goal-setting abilities. He had designed seminars with interactive tools to facilitate discussion and motivate multi-generational groups and develop and implement marketing materials for specific target groups. He’d given motivating talks in front of live crowds in schools and colleges. He had also Guided more than 10,000 Students over a period of 9 Years via offline Coaching mode. 

Claim to Fame – Vikas Sharma

  • Gold Medallist in BS
  • Business Blasters Coach of Business Blasters program – a Delhi Government initiative.

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