Bitcoin INC (BINC) – BEP20 Now Available on Crypto ATM in United States.

In collaboration with Binance, we’re pleased to announce the newest Token available at all of Crypto ATMs.

Now You Can buy BNB at over 4700 Crypto ATM in United States, so you have to Just Buy BNB From the ATM and Swap with Bitcoin INC-BINC on Metamask wallet.

You Don’t Need to connect your metamask wallet with any swap or Exchange, Just Add BNB on your metamask wallet and Swap with Bitcoin INC- BINC, It’s Very Simple…

Why Bitcoin INC (BINC) Is a BEP -20 Token?

The invention of Ethereum was revolutionary to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole, as for the first time ever people gained a way to launch their own tokens and smart contracts. For years, the Ethereum network was the default place for launching innovative blockchain -based projects. However, the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions specifically, has caused massive problems with the efficiency of the Ethereum blockchain. The transaction times and fees on the Ethereum network has become so high that many crypto enthusiasts stopped using ETH altogether, and blockchain developers started to look for a better alternative. That’s what led to the creation of Binance Smart Chain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was introduced by the crypto exchange Binance to enable DApp development with larger capacity, faster speeds, and lower latency and Gas Fees compared to Ethereum.

Can We Buy Bitcoin INC (BINC) Via Credit/Debit Card?

Yes, now you can buy Bitcoin INC (BINC) token Online with Any Debit/Credit Card or Gpay And Apple Pay On

(Just Buy BNB And Swap with Bitcoin INC-BINC On Metamask)

Contract Address: 0x01Cd703BC5D4F075ebF691f55fB6b6D255DC5a02

Bitcoin INC (BINC) is now trading on:

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