COMPOSTO: “Best OWC Machine” Aligning Bulk Waste Problem

COMPOSTO: In a significant push to solve wet waste management problems through its green initiative and a vision to achieve total freedom from wet waste-related issues, DSC Engineering recently launched a robust organic waste converter machine COMPOSTO under its initiative under solid waste management project to convert all sort of organic waste into high-quality compost. With the help of this robust compost machine, COMPOSTO all bulk waste generators can handle their wet waste with utmost ease and can process their own waste in their premises. DSC Engineering has presented COMPOSTO in 25 kg per day | 50 kg per day | 100 kg per day | 200 kg per day to 2000 kg per day processing capacity. COMPOSTO is already helping more than 500 huge hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., in managing their wet waste. Brands like Hyatt, Bikanervala, Sarovar Portico, YMCA, Raddison, Park Plaza, HPMC, Covestro Ltd., Mirza International (RED TAPE), etc., have trusted DSC Engg. For their wet waste management.

COMPOSTO has been launched after rigorous research and development and taken as a project by DSC Engg. Team. The entire team of DSC Engg. was indulged in the development of COMPOSTO with total sincerity and dedication to obtain a great solution. For the best and progressive results, DSC Egg. had formed a consortium with many renowned companies and researchers based in countries in Israel, Germany, the USA, Europe, etc. All the stakeholders in the consortium have contributed actively towards the betterment of the solution to the waste problem on a global level. One of the main objectives of this project is to develop a robust and easy to operate with feasible operational ecosystem machine to handle a huge waste problem in the country. DSC Engineering had an aim to be a part of the Indian govt’s Swachh Bharat Mission which they have envisioned waste management, hygiene, and sanitation across the nation.

DSC Engineering is one of the leading research-based organic waste converter manufacturers in India. On the other products development front, DSC Engg. has undertaken several green initiatives, which include developing sanitary pad incinerators with zero pollution solution as the smoke generation through incineration will also be filtered for almost zero hazardous emission. Mr. Vikram Sharma (Director) DSC Engineering has shared with our team that they are also in very advanced stages to develop a product which will help people to sanitise their daily use products like currency notes, keys, wallets, fruits, vegetables, milk packets, courier packets, etc. with the help of ultraviolet technology which will eliminate pathogens, bacterias, etc. DSC Engineering is also indulged in developing many more products to lower energy consumption and decrease carbon footprint. Also, the team led by Mr. Vikram Sharma is researching on feasible solutions to counter the current environmental issues like air pollution, which is affecting kids very severely. 

Prototypes are ready for almost all the products mentioned above and are expected to be launched for commercial use very soon. Effective partnering is in process for financing, marketing, distribution, and other departments are in very advanced stages.


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