DigiPe Fintech Private Limited is going live with its one-of-a-kind two QR codes services.

DigiPe Fintech Private Limited will launch first-of-its-kind services that help generate a double QR Code in one single stand and further assist merchants in doubling the transactions. The platform is one of India’s fastest-growing Neo Banking Services companies and is looking forward to providing quick and hassle-free verification with a paperless process. DigiPe is solving this problem with two QR codes with multiple banks servers supporting each QR hence increasing the success rate of the transaction. The brand offers touch-free, safe & secure, and a broad suite of Neo Banking Services that covers both Merchant’s and Customers’ entire life-cycle payment needs.

These new services for two QR code services will be provided in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Telangana. Based out of Vizag, the firm DigiPe brings effectiveness and excellence to all the banking and financial transaction services. The platform brings everything under its roof, from providing safe and secure transactions, exciting cashback, hassle-free onboarding, and robust support to making your banking quick, easy, and safe. Having 200+ corporate clients, 27000+ merchant relationships, 3+ million users, 17000+ app downloads, 50+ employees, five offices, seven banking partners, 150B+ value txns yearly, and five networking partners, the firm is building its strong position in the market.

Talking about the surging demand for online bank transfers, the founder Sankar Rao says, “With the world going digital, the payment method is also updating its processes. In recent years, there is no doubt that online payment methods have gained popularity among the masses and will be reaping more prominence shortly. Fortunately, technological improvements have resulted in various payment methods that have simplified online transactions. However, technology is a double-edged sword that brings its own set of issues. Therefore, taking this into account, DigiPe Fintech Private Limited considers all these important aspects to provide customers with a seamless checkout and payment system.” The DigiPe Platform has built-in firewalls and multi-layer validations to ensure a safe & secure payment system. Founded in 2019, the company has a strong vision and methodologies and offers merchants unique payments experiences. Drive, Integrity, Gender Equality, Innovation, Professionalism, and Ethics are some of the core values that the brand follows. Furthermore, the brand DigiPe fosters teamwork and helps employees collaborate, quickly communicate principles to clients and customers, and hire the right resources for the given roles and responsibilities. Some of the other USPs entail unlimited settlements, Instant payouts, and Hassle-free accounting.

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