Fame Finders Media will select the Best Rising Startups in the country.

Founding a startup is a journey full of challenging paths that require you to be firm despite numerous hiccups. Keeping up the strength of the business model, securing funding, appropriate financial planning, hiring the right talent, penetrating the market, and keeping moving ahead in this competitive business world requires lots of courage which is why these startup founders are the inspiration for all.

Fame Finders Media has begun a campaign to reward the startup founders of our country with the recognition they deserve for their achievements. These startup heroes, who are the most significant contributors to our nation’s economy, deserve to be admired by millions of people.

The rising entrepreneurs have the exclusive opportunity to get featured in the upcoming edition – “Top 10 Rising Startups In 2021-22.” It is soon to get published in World’s top news outlets, including – Mid-Day, ANI, ThePrint, Dailyhunt, Zee5, LatestLy, Google News, and many more.

“These rising entrepreneurs are facilitated with a platform where they can inspire millions of readers across the globe by sharing their wisdom and success journey.” Says Mr. Manoj Joshi, the founder of Fame Finders Media.

Interested entrepreneurs may call us at +91 9718750379, 8376073113, or drop us an email at – famfinders.media@gmail.com.

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