Jack of All Trades, Mastering One – Ankit Chandrakar

Meet Ankit Chandrakar, a man that went from rags to riches. His story teaches us that our struggles never go in vain. He has gone through every job before running his own digital marketing agency. Ankit comes from a humble home but has decided to change that and build an empire of his own.

He is doing so well in his life now, and so we asked him if he was always like this, to which he responded with, “It has not always been this jolly”. Ankit has gone through all sorts of struggles to be able to find his way. He was a very bright student at school and college. He was very active, participated in extracurricular activities, was the President of the Students research association and was an overall star student. Once college was over, life’s hard realities hit him, and he went through a slump on rejection after rejection.

A studious Ankit prepared a lot, attempted the GATE exam, and almost passed. He adds, “It was a very tough time for me since I had put in a lot of effort into it”. However, Ankit didn’t give up hope. He continued to strive. He applied for interviews and got rejected fourteen times before he finally bagged his job as a polytechnic lecturer and taught an excellent batch of students for a year. The aspiring entrepreneur asserted, “Teaching was a very enlightening experience. Although it was very fulfilling, I realised that it wasn’t my true calling. I had always wanted to start my own business and build my own brand.

Jeff Bezos, the wealthy millionaire, started from scratch. He flipped burgers and is now a business tycoon himself. Ankit trode in the same footsteps. He wanted to learn the art of selling in its most authentic essence. Street urchins were the primary sellers. They knew how to sell, and so he got onto the street and sold pakodas. He also sold popcorn in the grocery store. All of this to learn how people’s minds worked with buying stuff. He learnt the tricks of the trade by being on the inside and then tried his hand at the Real estate for a year. He learnt how to be a people person and tried his luck with YouTube, and tried a few gigs with standup as well.

“That was a very formative year for me. It taught me I loved to sell, but there was something I loved, even more, that is to help other people sell” Ankit has always been a kind and caring person at heart. He supports people and keeps encouraging them to follow their dreams. It only seemed fit for him to get into marketing. He finally found his real purpose and took it seriously. He trained in marketing for a year and then opened his own digital marketing agency.

Sharp Star Media is his brain baby that he has put his everything into. At Sharp Star Media, they help businesses and e-commerce scale up and reach their revenue by providing them with a marketing strategy that fits their business. They also run ads and provide SEO for making your brand legit. They are experts in branding and building trust amongst possible customers via social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. 

Ankit has had his fair share of struggles, and they have only made him invincible. He has a lot more to achieve in life. He began with the dream of making his own brand, and now he runs his own digital marketing agency wherein he helps others to build their brand. He was only a somebody a few years ago, but his hard work and confidence in himself made him the man he is today, running his own company, helping others live their dream, working with international clients, and this is only the start.

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