Rahul Gupta Awarded with Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for his Commendable Work

India is currently going through the entrepreneurial wave, and in such a diaspora, it is very important to support this entrepreneurial spirit. To support the cause, an engineer turned serial entrepreneur has come forward, Rahul Gupta.

About Rahul Gupta

Rahul has a Computer Science degree from MIT, and he has completed a PGPM in Finance from IBS, Bangalore. He has also completed his MBA in Marketing from ICFAI University, Dehradun. From a young age of 15 years, Rahul has been working conscientiously in this field, and for his works, he has recently been awarded Nation’s Icon Award.

After completing his MBA in Marketing from ICFAI University, Dehradun, he realized that the job offering sector in India is limited. A huge proportion of the Indian population is unemployed and under-employed and faces loads of problems while applying for the job to make the process smooth. In the year 2016, Rahul started a company with the name Monetize. The company that was created with five people has now grown to 150 members and is still growing. 

Professional Life 

Rahul is a Google Certified Digital marketer specializing in Digital Marketing i.e. Analytics, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and advertising. Rahul is a NISM Certified Research Analyst, Investment Advisor and Certified Mutual Fund Distributor and an Angel Investor who has made investments in various start-ups and well-established firms that include fintech, e-commerce and ed-tech spaces across the globe and alongside he also advisor to various leading and reputed multi-million-dollar businesses all this has been possible because of his dedication and his talent. 

Rahul has been appointed as the Vice President (Finance) of the Entrepreneurship Club of IBS, Bangalore. Since then, he has been actively involved in the start-up ecosystem and supports them with the core of his heart. He has been published and entitled with various awards. He has been published in leading digital and print media for his works such as Dainik Bhaskar, DB Star, Naidunia, Bhavishya Darpan News, Prayas News, Jan Kranti News, Satyakam News, Digiana TV, SITI Cable, Jan Shakti, BBC, IBN9, Venus Today, Metro Vaartha and the list goes on.

Social Work

Not just helping people with jobs but during the COVID pandemic, he also helped people and patients by providing them with doctor’s consultancy and prescription, arranging resources like oxygen cylinders, flow machines, ambulance services and other medical services free of cost. Though being a serial entrepreneur who follows sales and marketing keenly, Rahul also helps people in need and considers himself a social activist. His efforts have also been recognized by the Government, and he has been awarded by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh for helping thousands of people with food, financial help etc., during the pandemic. 

His interest horizon is very broad, and when Rahul is not working, he is found gaming and fidgeting with the latest gadgets in the market. He is a combo of gamers and a technologist. He has given valuable contributions while he was with NEEV, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IBS, and he is also associated with various NGOs. 

Metaverse, Blockchain and NFTs

His field of interest as mentioned is very broad and that includes Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse. He is the man behind Madhya Pradesh’s first NFT that was launched in Indore. The awards that Rahul is awarded is not just for his works but also because of the learning attitude that he bears. Because of this attitude, he can set up various companies and taste success. He runs an IT and Digital Marketing agency and has mastered the niche. Today, he has numerous business interests and is the founder of Monetize, IndiFuture, Director of Gijutsu Solutions Pvt Ltd and Co-Founder of StockRise, Pixel, ALZebra. Rahul says, “It all started from being an Intern and that was it. The fire within me was ignited.”

He isalso mentoring people and taking workshops on Metaverse. It has become the talk of the town, and Rahul is guiding people in the right direction.

During his journey, he has helped various businesses and individuals and has also mentored them. His work-life balance strategies can be seen in his life. He says, “Mindfulness in the workplace is key to success, a tenet he lives out through his interests in yoga, meditation, gardening and meeting new people.” He has increased the productivity of his team with various strategies that have helped his business and projects boost and grow rapidly. 

The message that Rahul delivers to the aspiring entrepreneurs and business mind is, “Generally entrepreneurs face numerous hurdles thinking of an idea, starting a business, and oftentimes their journey is unpredictable. Ultimately, will power and agility drives them to success.”

With the works that Rahul Gupta has done and the spirit that he carries, he has been awarded with Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for his exceptional work and social work.

To know more about Rahul Gupta, visit:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahul-gupta-a7291020

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mr.rahulgupta.official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/er.rahulgupta

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