Web 3.0 has come and is here to stay.

For years we have seen the evolution of the internet and have welcomed it with hesitant arms; the time has come for Web 3.0 to take its rightful place. This is a new arena, and our team had a lot to learn from the man himself, Agam Chaudhary. Agam brings with him 15 Years of Digital Marketing & Technology experience along with an inside-out understanding of E-commerce, Digital Assets, and the Metaverse space. His expertise in business growth & team management has been valuable to many organizations in India and abroad. Agam is said to be an expert and one of the leading men on the making of the Web 3.0, and when we asked him what he feels about this new revelation, he said, “At this point, blockchain technology is still in its development; it’s yet to reach its full potential. This is going to be an interesting adventure.”

Let’s start from the beginning, we asked Agam to simplify what web 3.0 meant, and he summarized it beautifully, stating, “It is the next stage of internet growth, it is decentralized and a democratic place to be on since it enables users to own their data and be adequately compensated for it truly. It also negates the need for intermediaries. It is a huge leap from the previously known versions. It is a lot more secure and trustworthy”.

In this vulnerable world of information, the aspect of security intrigued as to how so, to which Agam nodded and answered, “Web 3.0 allows for the use of blockchain-based, safe P2P transactions worldwide. It would make it easier to hop onto trends like NFTs and many more cryptographic assets. The intermediaries are eliminated in this version, unlike in the current version of Web 2.0, which only permits the central entity to act as a mediator between users and the information they exchange. Thus, this will be the first time there is the possibility of such a high level of interconnectedness with the promise of security”.

We asked him why we should consider switching, Agam wisely pointed out its clear advantages. “The users and businesses both could benefit from this version looking at the potential of high profits generated from crypto technology. Now more than ever since, everything has been digitized. Web 3.0 is equipped to do this by using blockchain technology”.

Hearing this jargon, we urged him more on this new inventive technology they had used. He said, “Web 3.0 is nothing new really. It is but the combination of older web tools, AI, and blockchains with increased internet usage by people”. We asked him whom he thinks this upgrade would be most suited for; he was prompt in saying, “There’s something for everyone” and continued, “But, I will have to admit it is a goldmine for digital business in terms of innovation and growth. They can find newer ways to market, where marketers and advertisers can connect to the consumers deeper by creating virtual marketplaces like shopping malls and online stores through decentralized apps (dApps). This is going to be a game-changer since marketers will now be able to cater to each of their customers in a much more responsive and tailored manner by personalizing their experience by sharing real-time data”.

We were curious to know if it is so versatile. Why doesn’t everyone already switch? To which he said, “It’s not all hunky-dory. There are still many people that are wary of its potential and carry distrust for something so new. Also, it is restrictive to community channels like discord, telegram, and other platforms; this can be resolved if businesses plan to reach out to these platforms in innovative ways, either to use content creators or even put social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to use. Apart from this, every other business sits like waiting ducks for someone else to take the first step. To which all I have to say is that there will always be people who resist change, and we should rather focus on the first two types of people that will slowly adapt to change because the Web 3.0 is coming, and it is here to stay”. 

This interview with one of the most innovative minds of our generation has opened pathways to newer and better changes; on asking how soon does he see this change coming our way, he said, “It is no surprise Web 3.0 Marketing getting heavy investment from people who see it completely replacing Web 2.0 in the coming years.” 

We only wish the best to Agam and his team to make the internet a much safer, open and better place. 

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