75 Lakhs Plantations Campaign by an Odisha Based Start-Up GreenOvations

GreenOvations an 11 Months old START-UP from Odisha founded by Mr. Ajit Sarangi has recently launched a campaign called 75 lakhs plantations on the eve of the upcoming 75th Independence Day assuming each product is an opportunity to plant at least one plant for each plantable product. This campaign was inaugurated and hosted by Honourable Governor of ODISHA Prof Ganeshi Lal on the 1st of April, 2022. He mentioned that ‘nothing is useless in this world if properly used it can be beneficial and for that new idea need to be in place’. By the 19th of April, the company has reached 11k orders and they are looking forward to bringing the change with their plantable range of products.

GreenOvations is a one-stop solution to your organic and eco-friendly lifestyle, started on the 18th of May, 2021. We firmly believe in trust, transparency, technology, and tonic which leads to a hassle-free Life and a Healthier India. With a vision of making people easily adopt organic and eco-friendly products, GreenOvations aims to remove the single-use plastics and in-organic products by 2025, making it a lifestyle that gives back to Mother Nature.

GreenOvations as a brand works on a 5T Model Trust, Transparency, Technology, Transformation, and Tonic. Each product we manufacture or aggregate goes through 3A model Affordability, Adoptability, and Accessibility.

GreenOvations aims in the pursuit of finding a sustainable biodegradable replacement for the products that can be effective in our day-to-day lives without disregarding our planet Earth. The range that team GreenOvations caters with a Lifestyle range of products, Office Stationery Products, and a Gardening Range of Products.

GreenOvations is a team of 5 people which is led by Mr. Ajit Sarangi and Mr. Sidhhaant Das. Mr. Ajit looks into the Operational activity of the brand and Mr. Sidhhaant looks for Marketing and Strategical Decisions. GreenOavtions is currently looking forward to its global presence which is exclusively taken by Mr. Bhagyadhar Rout. Mrs. Prachi Patnaik and Miss. Anwesha Ray is keenly looking into Research and Business Development wing. Currently, Mrs. Prachi is trying her best on 3 big revolutionary products. Miss Anwesha is planning to execute our offline sales model by the End of May 2022.

GreenOvations as a team are looking forward to adding as much as products that could easily replace single-use plastics as well organic products in the coming near future.

In the 75 Lakh Plantation Campaign, they are mostly pushing their plantable range of office stationery products. Which Includes the below:

Plantable Tricolor flags,

Plantable Thank you Notes,

Plantable Notebooks,

Plantable Pens,

Plantable calendars, etc.

By now GreenOvations has already booked 11k orders including all the above range from various organizations.

GreenOvations believes in the process of learning and growing to create a safer, healthier, and happier environment. And the process can be seen in the products that are being chosen and the techniques that are being used making it simpler yet defining.

For more details, we are reachable at: https://www.greenovationsonline.com/ 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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