Anjan Kumar P received Prestigious Honorary Doctorate in Psychology at Rishikesh on Guru Poornima Day 13th July 2022 during international conference from Dr Balakrishna Shetty Vice Chancellor Sri Siddhartha University from Leading KEISIE International University USA . The international conference is attended by leading academic, Industry, NGO , Spiritual leaders from across the World and discussed on Spirituality , Leadership and Education.

IATSAT believe in  building communities through innovation & quality education. We have been on a journey to encourage and promote educational excellence globally with a belief of increasing commitment to the quality education, innovation & building strong communities. 

TEF  (Technology Education & Future ) 6.0 is our commitment towards creating largest educators community.   

TEF 6.0 Conference will be an amalgamation of Sustainability and  Spirituality into Education and Technological advancements. 

“Witness one of the finest Conference in Rishikesh on 13th July 2022 .

Dr Anjan Kumar P is one of the leading Mentalists in India, An Individual who appears to have Super natural powers in diving the truth about an individual as well as many facts about the person’s life, Also have deep understanding about Hypnosis through which I have helped more than 1000 people to come out of their abnormality and lead happy life, Have developed a Speed Reading and Memory Retention technique through which more than 5000 students have benefited, I have profound knowledge in Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP), Extra Sensory Perception(ESP), Body Langauage Reading, Mind Reading etc, From the childhood I use to always wonder how our Brain works, How could it store so much of data, what else our mind is capable of ?!, Being a son of Schizophrenia patient, I always had a fear and blankness towards the psychology, as one moment my mom would love me so much and the other moment she would beat me badly, As a kid I absolutely have no idea of what was happening, Later stage I started understanding what is psychology, How does it bring a change in one’s perspective, How it can refrain from negativity, How it can bring in Positive approach to the life, Deeply dived in to the subject and studied for 10 years on all the aspects of Psychology, Be it The Personality types, Be it the Diseases, Be it the Children psychology, Dr Anjan Kumar P told “Today I feel proud to receive such a Honorary Award in front of these many dignitaries and I am running out of words, Many Thanks to KEISIE International University for Recognising my efforts and Dedication in the field of Psychology, I am Truly Honoured!! “

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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