BIENE CARE  ( Refresh – Relax – Restore with Intimate Hygiene Products ) 

About The Brand  -: BIENE ’ in Spanish means ‘Well’. BIENE CARE products are made to protect your intimate parts from infections and maintain pH level for Men and Women around us . These products  keep you and your surroundings clean and hygienic. BIENE CARE started in Nov’2021 to educate about how intimate hygiene is important for Men and Women around us . We have all range of products starting;

Mens Intimate Foam Wash 100 Ml 

Mens Intimate Liquid Powder 100 Gm

Mens intimate Mositurser 50 Gm 

Female Intimate Foam Wash 100 Ml 

Toilet Seat Spray 50 Ml

Why to use Intimate Hygiene Products?

So, for the people who don’t know what intimate hygiene products , they are basically personal care products used during menstruation, vaginal discharge or even on an everyday basis. They are meant to cleanse your intimate parts, in order to avoid infections and irritation. They are recommended by many health professionals as an alternative to use bathing soaps and shower gels which can lead disbalance of pH level of intimate area . 

What makes BIENE CARE Special ? 

We follow good manufacturing practices , BIENE CARE makes personal care hygiene products that are natural and safe in daily use. Our products are infused with natural ingredients & they are packed  Alcohol free , constains Seabuckthorn and Tea Tree Oil’s , mild fragrance, and utmost care and love. As everyone plays a key role in promoting a healthy community around us and keeping intimate areas clean will help you and your partner to follow good hygienic practices . We are available and selling through all major online platforms and website  viz . Amazon / Flipkart / Tata 1mg / Meesho / Woovly . 

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About the Founder ( Prashant Singh ) 

The idea behind launching intimate Hygiene Products and brainstorming while sitting with friends and talking about hygiene with them .Its very simple as being a man myself , I never thought of that I should also use intimate hygiene products  . Although we  take care of our daily grooming routines , outfits to wear daily , watches , perfume etc etc . But suddenly something clicked in my mind as why only girls take care of their hygiene , when it comes to get intimate with their partner ? Although 99% women are more cautious about their perosnal hygiene then men so I felt its equally important for Men’s too and their partner to stay hygienic . So the women doesn’t have to think twice , if a guy is well hygienic or not . That’s the rise of BIENE CARE 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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