– A platform that helps every start-up with out-of-the-box ideas that come into life by finding investors. operates as an intermediary between investors and start-up companies, allowing start-ups or any established businesses who are planning to expand their wings to obtain the necessary funding if they plan to work on innovative start-up ideas and have the desire to put their money where their voice is.

Indeed, where funding is required to get your business off the ground, the importance of investors cannot be overstated. According to the study, 38 percent of start-ups fail due to a lack of funds or an inability to attract additional financing. In addition, 15% of start-ups have pricing or costing concerns. There is no doubt that investors play a critical role in a company. However, one can ask who investors are and what services they provide. 

There is also no denying fact that if you are looking to scale your business to the next level, you need to get funding for your start-up, and that is where comes into the picture.

Talking about the inspiration behind forming, the founder says, “Because of the success of Shark Tank India, I realized that there are a lot of good businesses that need investors, but most of them are unable to approach Shark Tank. As a result, this platform is for all start-ups who believe their business idea is great and can do wonders, and we will assist them in finding good investors.” 

He further adds, “I once heard an interesting one in a shark tank. According to Ashneer Grover, Google Pay and PhonePe were the first to join the industry, teaching people how to use QR codes and then entering the market with Bharatpe and making a profit in the same way. Shark Tank spawned the concept of investor-start-up collaborations, and now it’s time to buy the business of assisting start-ups and expanding businesses.”

Needless to mention, investors play a significant role in all businesses, but for start-ups, investors are the backbone. You need funds for your start-up in order to enhance, expand and grow or simply to start a business. All start-ups require basic resources regardless of whether they are in their developmental stage or expansion phase. The plethora of services rendered by stands distinct from a Stock Exchange, which is set up under the provisions of the Securities Contract Regulation Act 1956. Not to be confused, is not a stock exchange and is only a facilitator for investments. 

Services, Semiconductor, retail, Mobile, Social impact, Manufacturing, Lifestyle, Internet, Hospitality, Health care, Information Technology, Gaming, Financial service, Education, E-commerce, Agriculture, and other industries are among the areas where is searching for investment. They are more likely to invest in a start-up with high entry barriers and a qualified and robust management team capable of scaling the business with their distinctive goods, services, and processes, whether an idea or implementation. stands out from the crowd as a digital platform that allows a group of investors interested in investing in a start-up to produce disproportionate value. investors are known to be leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with extensive operational expertise as CEOs or a track record of launching new and profitable businesses. They share a desire to help start-ups achieve scale and value. 

In addition to the investment, provides ongoing access to high-quality coaching, extensive networks, and strategic and operational advice. Because of their backgrounds, network members are better equipped to analyze potential hazards at an early stage.

With a clear knowledge of the role of investors in a start-up, the founder has worked with over 100 angle investors who can assist any start-up or established firm in accelerating its growth. was founded with the sole goal of turning India into a land of maximum entrepreneurs. It’s simple: no good idea should be stifled by a lack of funding, and it’s now working to connect Indian investors with start-ups all around the world, allowing India to demonstrate its global strength. 

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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