Fitness Coach Sonali sets an example of reaching greater heights even amid the Pandemic.

Fitness has essentially become a lifestyle for many individuals nowadays, with staying in shape being of great importance. On the other hand, a fitness coach can help with the development of a roadmap for the goals and in assisting people in achieving them. Sonali, a well-known fitness coach, is always willing to assist people in achieving their fitness objectives. Sonali is a certified Airo Yoga Instructor, Health & Life Coach, Barre Instructor, Pilates Instructor, and in various fitness formats. Through her GX Studio virtual platform, she has been actively teaching her clientele on health and wellbeing. Sonali educates people about healthy habits and how to create a fitness plan through her virtual platform Sonali’s Fitness Virtual Studio. She has acquired a huge client base not only from India but internationally. 

In a candid conversation with Sonali.


Sonali, please tell us how did you start your journey as a fitness coach.

Sonali – In 2001, I began training and fell in love with fitness for the first time in my life. I felt strong, content, and had a great outlook on life. I am an adventurous personality who values life experiences. I committed myself to the field of fitness and to assisting others in achieving the same level of fitness. I have the desire and motivation to motivate and encourage others so that they can improve and alter their lives for the better. As a result, I decided to work as a fitness coach.

If I am not wrong, you had GX studio in New Delhi, so what prompted you to shift your entire studio to a virtual platform?

Sonali – Due to the lockdown, I had to close my GX studio in New Delhi and rely exclusively on the virtual platform. I attend both individual and group classes. Online fitness forms include Pilates, barre, strength and conditioning, HIIT, kickboxing, functional training, and other sorts of fitness. I have clients from all around India as well as from other countries. Going virtual has greatly aided in the removal of geographical restrictions, making it much easier for people to participate in fitness sessions from any area! Sonali’s Fitness Virtual Studio is the name of my internet platform.

Ups and downs are a part of every entrepreneurial journey, so how did you cope with it?

Sonali – I used to have a GX studio in New Delhi, but it’s now closed due to the pandemic, and I’ve moved my entire studio to a virtual platform. I struggled at first to start teaching online fitness because I didn’t know how and had never done it before, but I realized I had to keep going if I wanted to stay in this profession. But I overcame my trepidation and embarked on my online adventure. I’ve personally educated over 100 clients on the lockdown.

Would you like to share anything about your achievements?

Sonali – I got the privilege of promoting India on social media while working as a Pilates Instructor. Furthermore, I represented Accor in the Asian market. I was chosen to join the main Pilates faculty at the International Go Fitness Academy during this time. I frequently hold masterclasses and workshops to educate and share fitness techniques and knowledge. 

Sonali has always had an intrinsic enthusiasm for physical fitness and a strong inner determination to pursue it. I appreciate all forms of exercise, from dynamic movements to focusing the mind and body, and I want to lead, motivate, and inspire others to find their own route on a fitness journey. I simply want to change how fitness is regarded, and in doing so, I want to create strong minds and bodies.

Sonali has been taking group and personal lessons for the above since 2018, and since 2020, she has added strength and conditioning, as well as High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) sessions. All of her classes are currently held online. She was also a flex fit Pilates instructor with the international go fitness academy, where she trained other aspiring pilates instructors. 

Claim to Fame – Sonali is certified in the following

  1. Airo Yoga Instructor (50hrs Teacher Training) – 2021 
  2. Barre Instructor – American Barre Technique – 2020 
  3. BollyfitX Instructor by International Go fitness Academy – 2019 
  4. Strong by Zumba – 2019 
  5. Health & Life Coach by Transformation Academy – 2019 
  6. Zumba Instructor – 2018 
  7. Flexifit Pilates Instructor by International Go fitness Academy – 2017 
  8. Cardio Kickboxing 2017 
  9. Aerobics & step instructor by Reebok – 2005 
  10. Currently completing face yoga instructor course by Dakshesha Yoga (World Yoga 


  1. Strength and conditioning – 2018

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