GST & IT Buddies – Bridging the Gap between Masses and Technicalities of Taxation

In a country like India, everything is authorised and needs to be in paper form, approved by the government for a plain and transparent transaction. Taxation is critical for smooth administration in a vast country like India with a massive population and people hustling on various types of livelihood opportunities to earn their bread. There were times in the past when common men suffered from being levied by various types of taxes. With the introduction of GST, it has been a huge relief for the common man as it eliminated the cascading effect of taxes, and it demanded all the concerned businesses to register for GST. This requires assistance, which will be provided by the esteemed organisation GST & IT Buddies, a firm that provides all types of GST and IT services to businesses and common men.

GST & IT Buddies is a consulting firm that offers services related to customer business and is present all across the nation. They provide several types of services such as GST Services such as GST registration, GST return, GST refund and GST Reconciliation, Income Tax Services such as ITR file and TDS return file, Company Registration Services such as OPC Company Registration, Pvt Ltd Company registration, LLP Company registration, Nidhi company registration, Proprietorship Firm registration and Partnership Firm registration and various other registrations such as NGO or Trust registration, MSME registration, Trademark registration, food license registration, account services, ISO certificate, digital signature and import export code registration. 

Everything that’s related to business, right from establishing to running, requires some formalities to be done for the government. All of these formalities cannot be done by ordinary men alone, and GST & IT Buddies bridge the gap between the masses and the technicalities of taxation and business compliance. In the case of most consulting firms, it is ironic that they charge exorbitant fees to the common man, and the main purpose of GST is not served. GST & IT Buddies, on the other hand, charge only the bare minimum and provide 100% efficacy. Transparency and genuine customer service have credited GST & IT Buddies with becoming one of the largest service providers within just 2 years of time. GST & Buddies claims that even though they are a start up, they do not work for money as the primary factor, they find more happiness in serving their clients in every possible way.


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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