Hermas Academia – Revolutionizing Unanians to Learn Today And Lead Tomorrow.

The founder Hakim KT Ajmal’s vision for Hermas Academia started with seeing that there are not many to guide Unani medical professionals and beginners with practical expertise to practice Unani authentically. Further, many are interested in practicing, but very few have made it immensely successful and practice pure Unani. Furthermore, there was hardly a training program on Unani to polish and guide the skill-sets required to practice Unani in the modern-day and age. This constellated the vision in Doctor Ajmal for his dream project, ‘Hermas Academia.

Hakim K.T Ajmal’s vision was to guide Unanians practically for them to attain crystal clear knowledge for practicing Unani in the modern world. He wanted to give guidance to Unanians the knowledge for setting up a successful Unani Center. To Enrich Unanians to know the various unique methods of treatments and correct practices to follow. To make all one acquire the correct expertise needed today to heal with Unani.

Prior to the vision of ‘Hermas Academia,’ Hakim KT Ajmal has been traveling Pan India extensively and across the globe, being invited for training programs to be given to aspiring Unani professionals. The response was massive, and Hakim KT Ajmal saw that the concept of teaching is making a difference. The reach is minimal as knowledge sharing was also confined to the people in attendance to that particular geographic arena where the program was being conducted. Here, the concept came about for ‘Hermas Academia,’ seeing that in today’s day and age of online classes, the ability to reach all is possible being at the comfort of being anywhere across the world.

For over 30 years, Doctors have been practicing pure Unani, and Success didn’t come overnight. Post studying theory from college, Doctors explored various concepts and did a lot of research. After initial years of studying fundamental, continuous exploration, and deep research Unani healing methods, the dots started connecting. Hakim KT Ajmal attained wide expertise and knowledge knowing the inner meanings of the Unani healing system and knowing the potential system of Unani treatment holds if done correctly.

With ‘Hermas Academia, ’ Hakim KT Ajmal wants to share all the correct methods and practical knowledge acquired over decades in three months’ meticulously prepared training program so that Unanians do not have to try to be successful. Again, a Hermas way, following the vision of enriching the Unani Community to grow, always leaps forward.


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Dr. Sanjay Lunia