I welcome Teens, Young & Youth to join my Instagram Video Series for discovering a new dimension in life, said Dr. Sharli Acharya Wisdom Speaker Of India.

Dr. Sharli Acharya’s aims to create awareness amongst teenagers and youth of the society so that they can gain higher intelligence and live their life with wisdom through his Instagram Video Series. 

After years of understanding, Dr. Sharli Acharya created a 2 min video series from the teachings of Bhagavad Gita. Title of the series is “Let Us Understand Krishna” on Instagram id @sharli7878 and also via facebook page Krishna Movement. 

All the videos are about 2 mins, because nowadays people do not stay more than 3 mins watching a video said the doctor.

Instagram Video Series has teenage viewerships across Russia, Egypt, Denmark, Netherlands, Iraq, UAE, England, and India.

Since last 20 years Dr Sharli’s focused research was to find out whether there is always a best about to come out from every human being. He gave a deep thought on this subject. He emphasized that the entire generation is moving around latest technologies, platforms. At the end of the day, there is still a vacuum in everyone’s personal life.

Dr. Sharli added, there was a time parents were only the school of understanding for teenagers. But now a day’s everywhere there are nuclear families. Hence foundation is fragile. 

He appeals to all educational organizations to participate in this mission so that apart from studies, we can give them a strong foundation of understanding life and their duties towards society and family. With this, we can be a part of making more stronger society as it is said “Vasudev Kutumbakkam.” My request to all print and electronic media to take this message more faster and spread amongst the youth of the world, so that we can have fewer rehabilitation centers crowded with these youngsters standing there to get themselves counselled. 

About Dr Sharli Acharya, he is a corporate healthcare management professional having flair to elevate brands to convert it into a multi crore empires to his credit since his career days. 

Anyone who wants to know more about this series or interested in having these kind of sessions can contact Dr. Sharli Acharya through his email id sharliacharya@gmail.com or can ping on WhatsApp number 08141588020. 

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