INDR Agrotech: On the Mission to Helping Farmers and Nature with Organic Solutions

Along with increasing air and water pollution, using chemical fertilizers in farmlands results in the worst soil degradation we have seen. It is the major issue troubling rural habitats completely dependent on agriculture and farm produce. Increasing land pollution and soil degradation is leading to unavailability of the seasoned and matured earth-beds for the farmers to sow their crops and yield high-quality seasonal yields affecting their annual income. 

Furthermore, the crop cultivated and nurtured in such conditions remains most vulnerable to pests, insects, worms, and diseases, further affecting their long-term production and sustainability. In most cases, such produce deteriorates quickly and becomes ineffective swiftly under even the slightest adverse climate conditions.  

It is one of the most significant issues faced by people engaged in farming, agriculture, and other allied activities regarding land and soil quality compromise. Premium quality organic fertilizers are emerging as an essential countermeasure in this regard.

Most importantly, founded in 2020, INDR Agrotech Pvt Ltd has proven itself to be the dependable and reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesaler of a premium quality range of Organic Fertilizers. 

Firm manufactures Potash derived from Molasses, Organic Manure, Phosphate Rich Organic Manure. Soil Conditioners, and Silica. The organization’s range of products is available under the brand name Rainbow. The firm is located in Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India) and has a wide area for manufacturing fertilizers and silica. Under the leadership of its founders Mr Iqbal HussainDr, D.N Salunke and Dr. Sangeeta Kalyani, INDR Agrotech gained a huge global clientele. Rakesh MittalShishir Maheshwari and Nanasaheb Zakane are the other team members. 

Mr Hussain shares, “We are backed by a team of dexterous professionals with rich experience in this domain. Our professionals are the biggest asset of our organization and are selected after a complete assessment of their skills and domain expertise.”

Ensuring Agro Sustenance : As of today, INDR Agrotech has fulfilled the need for organic fertilizers. “We offer these products to our customers with the soundest and safe packaging to ensure quality delivery,” says Mr Hussain, a renowned Agro Entrepreneur with 27 years of trading experience with Agro MNCs. Dealing with insecticides for so long and seeing their harmful results, he decided to shut operations and do something extraordinary. With this vision, he started this company to return the debt of nature and also help farmers. 

Also, we, at INDR Agrotech, ensure that the quantity we supply is also as per the customer’s demands,” says another veteran Dr. Salunke, a technical head of the company. With Doctorate in Balanced Plant Nutrition, he is behind all the unique product development. He has 18+ years of experience and study of plants, nature and soil and their requirements.

According to Dr. Sangeeta, INDR Agrotech is a DPIIT-registered startup company working to improve nature. “For thousands of years, we continuously exploit nature without returning its longstanding dues. Our company is trying to return its health to nature,” she says. 

Sangeeta is a lady with strong administrative and operational qualities and 22+ years of experience in administration. Successfully running other ventures also, she is behind the company’s management.

Fostering the Nutrient-Rich Soil : According to her, the soil has become harder and lost almost all its nutrients. So the team INDR developed Organic Manure with guaranteed results of softening of soil within 20 days. So many products are in the market, but INDRs products have guaranteed results with replenishing soil nutrients. It makes soil airier to breathe. World’s only Company which guarantees result besides its product. Tag Line of Rainbow Green is Kaam Nahi to Daam Nahi. No result, No Charge.

Dr. Sangeeta further shares that they have studied nature, climate, temperature, and various stages of plant development and accordingly developed multi nutrients products as per the requirement of plants. Plants’ need for nutrients differs in different stages of development, climatic conditions and soil. Dr. Salunke adds that their nutrients are developed to provide proper plant nutritional growth. These nutrient-rich products eliminate harmful chemical products (fertilizers and insecticides). Plants grown using INDR products have great nutritional value. “We are also manufacturing potash drawn from molasses as promoted by the government of India to reduce imports,” says Mr Hussain, who informs that they are also manufacturing PROM alternative to DAP and SSP.

Cleansing Earth of Catastrophic Chemicals :\Stating their inspiration behind venturing as a valuable Agrotech company, the team INDR says it was to try to pay some of the debt they owe to nature. “We see in our daily life harmful results of chemicals which they cause to nature.” Nature and all other living organisms are also affected by these chemicals. So to prevent the usage of these harmful chemicals, they have started this venture.

Sharing the USPs that make them stand out as a transformational company, the team says they have deeply studied various factors affecting soil and plants and carefully developed and successfully tested the products. All products developed are unique, with a different recipe and guaranteed results. They have designed plant nutrition management charts as per various stages of plant growth.

Highlighting the initial challenges after venturing into the field and the challenges now, the team says the country’s farming community lacks knowledge of using nutrients for crop production. Farmers are unaware of plant nutrition management. So in the initial phase, it was very difficult for the INDR team to make farmers use the products. Still, they face the same issue as exploring and opening new areas.

Strengthening India’s Agricultural Backbone : Being experienced leaders, they share their opinions on how technology is transforming their sector and the advancements that can be expected in the future. See, the land cannot grow with a growing population. They must look for techniques to increase crop production on the same land. New techniques have to be developed to increase crop production.

In their advice to the aspirants willing to venture into Agrotech, the team says to Work towards new and unique techniques so that crop production can be increased without damaging nature. Use minimal chemicals and promote balance plant nutrition.

On envisioning scaling INDR Agrotech’s scope and offerings in future, Mr Hussain shares that India is an agricultural country. Per year consumption of agricultural products in India is around rupees One Lakh crore. “So there is a huge potential for growth of our company,” he concludes

Awards :  “Best Emerging Brand – Organic Fertilizers” facilitated by Famous Australian Fast Bowler Mr. Brett Lee.

Famous Magazine CIOLOOK INDIA awarded “India’s Most Valuable Companies Revamping the Future”

Quote: “INDR Agrotech has proven itself to be the dependable and reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesaler of a premium quality range of Organic Fertilizers.”


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