Industrial video production | The types of videos that manufacturing companies can create! 

Over the period, more and more manufacturing companies are taking interest in creating industrial videos, business videos, and product videos. The simple reason behind this is that they are getting aware of the fact that video content is the most engaging form of content today. This statement is backed by several marketers who believe that videos convert better than any other form of content. By investing in these industrial videos, you make it easier for the viewer or potential buyer to get important information about your product and build trust in your company. We all know and agree that it is much easier for one to watch a video than to read text. Just this common preference has led manufacturing companies to get invested in this process of industrial video production. 

There are several types of videos that come under industrial video production. Here, we are going to take you through some of these types for a better understanding. Each one of these types has its unique purpose and has helped businesses get more conversions. 

So, let’s get to the types of industrial videos – 

Types of industrial videos you must know before calling an industrial video production house 

If you are here, you probably are thinking of hiring someone for your video production. But, before you call them, it is better to know what type of video you want. After all, we all know that an informed decision is the best decision. So, below, we are going to list some popular and productive types of industrial videos that most manufacturing companies are investing in. 

i) Product Video 

If you manufacture a product, this product video is the best option for you to reach people out, explaining what your product is. In this kind of video, you need to elaborate on what your product is and how can it prove helpful to the customer. Demonstrating use cases and applications of the product is something that you need to put emphasis on in this type of video. 

ii) Storytelling videos 

Another very popular type of industrial video is the story-telling video. This is the type of video in which you get to engage your audience by sharing the story behind the idea of the product. In these videos, you will share insights on who you are, what led you to start the company, what gave you the idea for this product, and more. Since this type of video will engage the viewer’s emotions, it is considered to be one of the most effective types of industrial videos. 

iii) Facility tour

Taking your viewers on a virtual tour through your facility is another way of engaging your audience. This is the best idea for facilities like kitchens and restaurants. Along with gaining the attention of the viewer, you also get to build trust among your audience. 

These are some very popular types of industrial/ manufacturing videos, that most companies are using to get more branding and conversion. IF you are still not using videos, you are losing people. If you want to know more about industrial video production, you can call Multi Vision Digital, a one-stop solution for all the manufacturing companies looking for video production houses. 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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