Invella Watch Straps: An Indian startup break into the luxury product market

Selling of luxury product or accessories for luxury product comes with sets of challenges. How to find the relevant audience and make highest possible quality for your product ? We have connected to Mr. Vivek Dhola, Founder of invella watch straps 

Tell us Something about invella watch straps

At invella, we have spent much time for designing and engineering of watch accessories as watch straps, smartwatch straps, smartwatch charging dock & cable, smartwatch screen guard, smartwatch case cover. Each and every brand has their unique design and sizes, so it need to be tailored perfectly therefore it can be snug fit alongside the respective model

India is amongst a top country which produces export quality leather, our team has worked on it tirelessly to develop a high quality leather watch strap which can be used in any kind of environment, we have developed high quality stainless steel watch strap that can be comfortable in any season. we have developed various colours for the leather watch strap / Nylon NATO watch strap with unique design stainless steel buckle that makes the watch as unique as the person who wear it

What other products do you deal with ?

Currently we are dealing in Smartwatch Charging dock and cablesmartwatch case coversmartwatch screen protector. In this Digital Era, Smartwatch is must have gadget for all youngsters and that has bring our attention to make the accessories for the smartwatch. Case cover and screen protector are must have accessories for all smartwatch as it protects the vital parts from damage or scratches.

What is your biggest Success ?

Our biggest success is to launch the brand invella and have a faith on it, we have initially launched it on Amazon India and Flipkart in october 2016 and we got stunning response from the buyers. than we have launched our own website in 2019. We got a momentum from amazon india in a year 2021 for advanced level seller.

Do you have some words for those who is creating luxury products ?

In case of luxury products, Keep in mind: they are not searching for a deal. Rather, they are searching for quality (regardless of whether it accompany a greater sticker price). This implies that the materials utilized, the nature of the completion, the bundling and the client support ought to be in every way painstakingly considered and custom fitted to your crowd. My greatest tip would be that no detail is excessively little. With regards to luxury items, individuals are ready to pay a premium price in the event that they consider the experience and item commendable.

While you might pay more to accomplish this in the underlying stages, it’s something that I accept you will receive the benefits of later down the line. Individuals’ initial feeling of your image is their enduring impression. You never get another opportunity at that!

At invella watch straps, we use highest quality genuine leather material and stainless steel clasp / buckle to furnish the strap, as a result our product might be costly as we have invested much on raw materials.  By examination, a portion of our “rivals” are selling watch straps at much lower cost but the quality and finishing will also be of lower, What’s more, in this market, it truly is an instance of “you get what you pay for”.

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