Humans have had a close relationship with art. Art has always been an integral part of our existence, culture, and political influences. Though the world is divided by different cultures, its incredible art brings the races together. Everything falls under one roof called art, from prehistoric cavern illustrations and old instruments to ever-evolving dance forms, music, and sculptures. There are several explanations as to why art is essential today and forevermore. People value art in different, more personal ways…

Regardless of the interaction, art plays a significant role in bringing out the best in humans. Languages and art bring people together from all around the globe. Art helps to shape humans in every way. It helps us emotionally, psychologically, and financially. It works towards shaping up the collective personalities of people. A work of art, whether visual or performing, is easily understood by people from varying cultures, political backgrounds, and social backgrounds.


Design works towards influencing how we feel, think, and decide. And when done with perfection, though invisible virtually, a good design is a seamless and enjoyable journey that draws the creator in where one does not think of the process. Design is a compelling force in our lives. It can be empowering, inspiring, and enlightening. A good design is much more than just creating visually appealing products. It is about creating positive experiences for users at every step with every interaction.

A Design is so much more than it is ever defined. A design might be described as a tool to construct, create, execute, or fashion. However, there are more precise definitions that illustrate the evolution of design. The design is to plan the creation of a new system, product, or service with the whole and sole intention of enhancing the human experience. Design is much more valuable than editing, assembling, or ordering. The design is to simplify, dignify, dramatize, modify, and even amuse. Design history takes it back to the ancient times of industrial design evolution. Designing has various aspects, including Fashion design and graphic design. The design is to create anything tangible. In ancient times, images that started as primitive drawings and sketches have evolved into image-heavy presentations. Likewise, coding systems have been designed into new languages.


A designer is creative personnel who designs the look, format, or even a product’s structure. Anyone creative can become a professional designer choosing from a wide range of disciplines like graphics, websites, photography, living space, templates, games, themes, interfaces, and even product services. 

The Indian design industry grows at a rate of 23 to 25% annually. Design can transform our perspectives. It results in giving us a better quality lifestyle and economic benefits. Currently, India has merely 7000 qualified designers working in various fields. However, It needs over 62,000 trained designers to meet the requirements of the country. The different industries in need of designers include the industrial sector, communication industry, graphic industry, and the packaging industry, just to name a few. The statistics show the potential and opportunities that the Indian design industry holds. Various designing professions such as fashion designer, graphic designer, animation designer, and UX/UI designer are inevitable professionals in blooming industries like Fashion Industry, Hospitality, Education Industry, Media/publishing, Automobile Industries, and others.

As per CII, in 2022, the Indian Design Industry was worth INR 18,832 crores. These numbers only lead to an increment in the following year. Currently, the number of design industries is growing like wildfire. The design companies are hiring designers to understand the Indian audience and to cater to their needs. 


Chennai has been rightfully earning a good name consistently in the fashion industry. Institute of Design (IOD), Chennai, is a well-known name in the fashion and design world. Institute of Design works on international requirements to deliver the most challenging demands of the fashion industry.

Leading the industry for about three decades, IOD offers diploma courses in Fine Arts, Visual Design, Interior Design, and Fashion Designing. Apart from the general one-year-long course, IOD also offers various short-term courses like painting and drawing, Jewellery Designing, Computer Graphics, and others. The classes are designed such that students learn and master the fundamentals of art. It trains students to create and deliver the best in their respective fields.

Mr.N. Nadeem, the founder-director of the Institute of Design – IOD established in 1993, believes in delivering the best to the Art & Design Education Industry. IOD has signed MoU with leading fashion institutes in Europe and Asia. We have trained students from the Maldives, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the Middle East, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and the Netherlands. 


Institute of Design: IOD is one of the Top 10 design Institutions in India, awarded for two consecutive years by Higher Education Magazine. IOD Institute of Design believes in professional collaboration with Indian Educational Institution to offer its Art & Design courses. Institute of Design operations in Sri Lanka. Soon IOD will be in Maldives, Brunei, and a few locations in India too. Institute of Design is looking for entrepreneurs and institutions who believe in themselves to give better creative learning to one and all. Call us @ : +91 860 860 99 88.

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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