Learn the Art of Persuasion and Super Selling Skills by Pratik Mandalia- The Sales Mantra Way.

I am Pratik Mandalia. Oldest Sibling of an artistic mind, grandson of a superwoman, and married to a fashionista. An engineer turned salesman, now an author of the book “Sales Mantra- Develop You Super Selling Skills and Master the Art of Persuasion,” and founder of motivationalbaba.comwhich is followed by 300,000 followers on Facebook @motivationalbaba.

You must be wondering how an engineer turns out to be a salesman? Let me tell you that I was able to win two times President Awards at American Express consecutively (1% of the workforce is selected to win). To be honest, an introverted guy winning awards bounds and leaps like me is a blessing in disguise, and my secret sauce is energy mixed with Will to Win. This could be you. 

Why did I choose to be the author of a book? I am a firm believer in changing lives and impacting 1 million lives directly or indirectly. This is one reason I choose to be in sales, so I can offer products or services that can change lives.  

I have a question for you. Do you like to be remembered forever and live in people’s hearts? Well, a book never dies and will be forever sold, and I will be changing lives by teaching people to sell and mastering the Art of Persuasion. You can follow me on Twitter at @pratikmandalia.

In this book, Sales Mantra-Develop Your Super Selling Skills and Master the Art of Persuasion, you will learn:

1. 12 Proven Sales Strategies to Increase Sales of Your Product

2. “22” Proven Techniques for a Close

3. Affirmation for Sales Success

4. 7 Principles of Customer Delight

5. 16 Examples of Objection Handling and more

Not only this, but this book on Sales Mantra will also help you learn valuable Sales Closing and Pricing Techniques and Lead Generation Management with a Flavour of Funnels.

This Book on Sales is a Gold Mine to help you guide about “Words NOT to use in sales pitch,” “4q(Questions) For Creating Sense of Urgency”, “How to Achieve Customer Delight,” and “Strategic Prospecting.”

The value you will get as a reader and implementing these tactics in real life will help you become a leader, successful businessman, authority in your field, or more confident than You were yesterday.  

If you are game to change your selling skills to the next level, feel free to check this link out and follow me for more such tips.

Upgrade your selling skills by visiting https://pratikmandalia.com for more value bombs and follow IG:@pratikmandalia.

Website: pratikmandalia.com 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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