Let’s know about a talented personality, Mr Mickey Narang.

Young, Dynamic, Highly Experienced, Multi-skilled, Mr Micky Narang is the Founder of Cripa PGs https://cripa.in, which is operative with more than 1800 Paying Guest Accommodations and many more to come in Noida, Gurugram, and Bengaluru.

He started his career at the age of 13. At the beginning of his career, he has chosen the path of NGO Volunteer, which is something unique to choose for the very first time in anybody’s career. Most people spend their first job slaving away at a local restaurant or department store. As a 13-year-old boy has got to know about Humanity, the welfare of people, Helping Tribals Etc. After His entry, the NGO started getting funds at the international level and had a considerable growth for the NGO and the People.

While working in NGO, he realized how to make financial services available to people who are financially excluded from society, who are in need. So, he established his own financial company. Whatever circumstances he comes across. But despite his circumstances, he has chosen to empower others and develop himself as a skillful person.   

As a young boy, he left his parents and started his career in New city. At that time, it was complicated to find out suitable accommodation, good food, etc. That’s how CRIPA PGs PVT LTD came into the picture. As soon as he entered this field, he realized that the most necessary things for working professionals and students are Food and a Comfortable Stay so that they can entirely focus and become effective in their respective jobs and studies. 

Cripa PGs has achieved tremendous milestones in the span of the last 13 years, which got recognized by many social media/media platforms. Not only this, Dream of Mr Micky Narang of providing accommodation with meals & all amenities in Rs. 4999/- is now real. He has created a structure where it becomes hassle-free and 100s of options under one roof with standard hotel accommodation. Not only this, but he also created a unique feature to avail free rides with trained field executives who remain in the field to support every visit. This turns the entire hectic process of finding a good place so easy. 

During his journey from scratch to success, he was being challenged to make understood people in this unorganized business area how to manage good quality food, hygiene, and hassle-free accommodations at the lowest prices. Nevertheless, he continued to chase his dreams and plans to take Cripa PGs wings to Pan India so that no city is left that is not offered hassle-free staying. The best part about Mr Micky is that he always tries to meet his clients by himself in person rather than assigning a team whenever it is possible.

Few people’s journeys go according to plan. But when it comes to Mr Narang, he plans accordingly and initiates, which leads only to success. Nothing is impossible for him, whether it is in technology or communication etc. He tries to find new opportunities and significant exposure to the company in every possible way. From Dreaming to making it a Reality describes the personality of Mr Micky Narang. His ideology is to initiate what you think, and continuous actions give success. Mr Narang is a perfect example and inspiration for our young generation. 

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