Let’s know the inspiring story of Prachi Sharma

Hello myself Prachi Sharma, I am a tarot card reader and numerologist by profession. I have been reading cards since my childhood. Tarot has always fascinated me. I love to read people’s cards and help them understand their future. I am a certified numerologist and astrologer too. I can tell what kind of person someone is just from his/her birth date. I can also predict your future based on your name. If you want to know about yourself then contact me at pickyourluck09@gmail.com

My journey started as a simple living woman having 2 kids and taking care of my family. I went to this field as I had an interest in the tarot field because my grandparents were astrologers in Agra which motivated me in moving forward in this field. 

What we say practice makes a man great, this was the very thing that I was doing. I rehearsed tarot for somewhere around 8 years and that helped me in giving 80% to 90% exact expectations to my clients. The greater part of my forecasts are precise in the feeling of timings.

I completed my BA from Rajasthan University and then applied for and got a master’s degree in tarot card reading. After working in this field for approx. 9 to 10 years I have gained a really good base of clients. 

I am working on my organization named Pick Your Luck which has really proved a good luck charm for me, as it helped me in moving forward in my life getting settled, having a good client base, making good connections and many more. 

I felt proud when I received an award for my tarot skills. After joining this field, I have been working hard to improve myself as a tarot reader and have been learning from many great teachers. I have learned how to read cards correctly, interpret them properly and use them to help people find answers to their problems. I have also learned about the history of tarot and its various meanings.

Even I got a chance to be honoured with Rashtra Ratan. I got this opportunity because I love doing my job with full hype. I love predicting things for people and helping them to be safe if they have any kind of danger coming ahead. 

I also got an opportunity of getting honoured with the Youth Icon award in the year 2021, which was a huge achievement for me. I am thankful to me and my family for the support, love, and respect that they always show towards my profession. 

I feel like it is a gift. The capacity to lay out an image, through the TAROT, of the various results that anticipate a client provides them with a superior comprehension of their ongoing circumstance and the responsibility expected to construct the extension towards arriving.

In any case, having the option to detect the energies around a client could every so often at any point leave me depleted and with a horrible headache. I acknowledge this as a word-related risk.

In the end, I would like to say one thing that, “Just follow your dreams without thinking about anyone else.” It will always lead you to a path that is best suitable for you. Instagram: https://instagram.com/rickey._singh?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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