Manjunath UR – Inspector of Police, Jayanagar, Bangalore,  Karnataka Received Chief Minister Medal -2021 for his best Work.

Manjunath UR  B.A, LLB.,  Inspector of Police Jayanagar Karnataka received a great honour of  Chief Minister of Karnataka Medal 2021 Year . Manjunath UR joined Karnataka state police in the year 2007 and started his first job at Mysore Police Academy.  After successful work at police academy he worked at Belgaum, Chamarajnagara, Beluru and several parts of Karnataka.   

Manjunath UR,  in his 15 years of service in Karnataka Police Department, he solved several cases and worked with honesty.  He is known as peoples Man and recognized by several organizations in multiple times.

Presently he is the Inspector of Police of one of the biggest and most popular area in Bangalore that is Jayanagar.

The Medals shall be awarded for exceptional skill or conspicuous devotion to duty or extraordinary service in dealing with serious or widespread outbreaks of crime or public order or out-standing investigation of complicated cases or organizing bandobast arrangement of a higher order, or exceptional excellence in sports at the National or State Level or for any other act of conspicuous bravery and courage or other out-standing police work not specified here. On the occasion of Police Flag day, 2nd April Chief Minister’s Medal will be distributed.

This was presented to Manjunath UR by Shri Basavaraj Bommai – Hon’ble Chief Minister | Govt. of Karnataka

After unification of Karnataka, Bangalore as Capital City grew very rapidly, posing various challenges to the police. Bangalore City became a Commissionerate on 4th July 1963. Sri. C. Chandhy, a Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police was appointed as the Police Commissioner.

As Karnataka was unified from various regions, which had enforced their own police laws, regulations and culture, to provide uniformity the Karnataka Police Act 1963 came into force from 2nd April 1965. Hence a uniform Police regulation across the entire state was enforced. Yet the problem was not solved. Toti, Talwar, Patels etc. were part of policing. Hence the Karnataka Village Defense Parties Act was passed and enforced in 1964.

Sri Devaraj Urs became Chief Minister 1972, and held Home portfolio till he was in power. During his reign, the department shaped into a huge organization. The Criminal Investigation Department and Intelligence units were separated and were headed by Deputy Inspector General of Police. Later CID was transformed into COD and its office shifted from Inspector General of Police office to present “CARLTON HOUSE”. Corps of Detective used to investigate crimes exclusively. Hence Forest, Food cells and Forensic Science Lab were placed under the supervision and control of COD. Later food cell and forest cell separated from COD and a Deputy Inspector of Police was posted for supervising their work.

Home Guards and Fire Force

Home Guards and Fire force are two wings of Police department, a real necessity during emergencies rendering services to public round the clock. Later these wings were split from Police Department. Sri A.R. Nizamuddin was appointed as Director General of Police, Fire Force and Home Guards.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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