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The beauty and wellness industry has grown significantly over the past years. However, becoming a beauty expert is not easy as doing makeup, styling hair, and becoming a beauty therapist require both general and technical skills, the presence of which can make anyone’s career. At the same time, its absence can break it too in the beauty and wellness industry. No doubt, the industry of beauty and wellness is constantly elevating with new products and techniques being developed now that gives rise to skill education owing to its scope and impact in today’s era. Masterstroke Salon and Academy helps enhance the proficiency of a person or aspiring beauty and wellness expert in the particular area of beauty and wellness to increase their improved scenarios of employability. Indeed, it’s just the good and quality education that produces effective, productive, and proficient human resources for every beauty and wellness business. 

Everyone aspires to embellish a good career in the field of beauty and wellness, and Masterstroke Salon and Academy helps soar people in becoming flexible, reliable, productive, and efficient in the job prospectus, thereby widening their career opportunities. No doubt, making the youth future-ready in the beauty and wellness category is a call, and Masterstroke Salon and Academy is leaving no stone unturned to make it possible. Based out of New Delhi, India, Masterstroke Salon, and Academy had successfully onboarded a huge number of candidates from all across India within three months of its inception. Leading by a team of Industry Experts with rich experience, Masterstroke Salon and Academy prioritizes quality education over fickle popularity that keeps intact in the long run. 

According to the KPMG report, the workforce requirement in the beauty and wellness category shall surpass agriculture by 2023 as the beauty and wellness business grows at a CAGR of over 18%. The sector is thriving on the increasing section on the affluent and middle-class population that has started considering beauty and wellness as a necessity. Increased emphasis on holistic wellbeing with people’s desire to look good and young are other motivators for the industry. The rejuvenation segment is no longer perceived as a mere luxury service, but it is now acknowledged as an essential tool to de-stress. Workforce distribution by education indicates towards opportunity for increased penetration of vocational education in the sector. Segments such as salons, beauty and fitness, and slimming demonstrate more acceptance of candidates with vocational education than others. 

The plethora of services provided by Masterstroke Salon and Academy includes Anti-aging treatment, Laser Hair Reduction. We also deal with hair and skin concerns, medicated facials. Being a leading firm in beauty and grooming, we provide services like permanent makeup, bridal makeup, nail, lashes, etc. Masterstroke Salon holds expertise in solving all the skin concerns and giving the skin glow it deserves. Together with customer services, Masterstroke Salon and Academy provide courses into Hair, Makeup, Skin, Cosmetology, Laser and Aesthetics, Permanent Makeup, Nails and Lashes, and much more. We train people who are interested in this field and give them the best education. Other courses include Hair Technology & Modern Hair Styling, Cosmetology, Makeup, Nail & Eyelash Extension, Nutrition, Aesthetics, and Beauty & Grooming. 

The courses on beauty and wellness are designed, structured, and created by professionals keeping in mind the trend and fashion that is in the market. The industry relevance and trend play a massive role in our learning-teaching process. All the courses’ content aligns with international learning standards with extensive hands-on. We frequently organize workshops, teach concepts, theory, and practically train students. With both online and offline flexibility and with the introduction of over 50 courses as per the international standard, Masterstroke Academy is on the mission to provide skill education and is recession-free, i.e., robots or Artificial Intelligence cannot do bridal makeup or hair cut; hence human hand is always required. 

Masterstroke Salon and Academy offers prospective beauty and wellness experts an incredible opportunity based on their preferences and needs. It is hoped that at least 70% of people would be able to find work due to this initiative. Masterstroke Salon and Academy is assisting people in identifying, training, and nurturing their intrinsic talent, as well as understanding the prospects of skill training programs so that they can reach their goals in the preferred profession. 

No doubt, everyone aspires to embellish a good career in their life in the field of beauty and wellness. Masterstroke Salon and Academy has come out on top in providing skill-based training as the most important part of the successful career journey soaring their flexibility, reliability, productivity, and efficiency in their job prospectus by widening their career opportunities. 

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