Meedhansh Kumar Gupta: 11-year-old CEO with four primary World Records holder

“Meedhansh is the 11 years old CEO, Youngest Corona Warrior, an Entrepreneur, and a Website Developer with World Book of Records, India Book of Records and World Records India holder, Youngest Entrepreneur from India at Latvia, Europe at the age of 9 Recognized by the European Asian Chamber of Commerce, IBNC.”

Meedhansh Kumar Gupta has conceived his own company named Entreprocoder Pvt Ltd at the age of 10. Being passionate about website development and a strange knack for learning new programming languages such as Python, PHP, MySQL, he started his operation in the year 2020 with a focus to impart computer skills to Computer Science and IT students and professionals of the relative field. 

Meedhansh created history by joining the brigade of young startups, proving that age is just a number. He is the founder and developer of

Claim to fame:

– Registered name into “India Book of Records” for developing and launching on Yoga Day at the age of 9 years only in 2019. Registered name as a Youngest Corona Warrior in 2021 and developed various websites, esp.

– Registered name into “World Records India” for developing and launching on Yoga Day at the age of 9 in 2019.

– Registered name into “World Book of Records London” as the Youngest Corona Warrior in 2021.

– Invited from “European Asian Chamber of Commerce, Latvia,” Europe to attend IBNC – 2019 Event and felicitated as the Youngest Entrepreneur from India.

– Felicitated from Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, for his achievements and congratulated him by writing a personal letter from CM Office.

– Felicitated from Deputy Commissioner Jalandhar as “Corona Warrior” on 15th August 2021, Independence Day.

– Felicitated from President Bibi Jagir Kaur, SGPC, Golden Temple, Amritsar for developing and donating website

So, how it got started?

Meedhansh used to spend a lot of time with his parents when he was five years old. After school, he used to stay in the office till he went home, or at times, he used to sit in the class with the students of higher classes being taught by his father about programming and tried to understand. His father noticed and tested Meedhansh’s interest in computer programming, and as his interest in computer programming grew, his parents started teaching him about the subject step by step. And the programming of Meedhansh began improving gradually. At eight, Meedhansh began to build a website and joined his father’s company Sakaar Micro Solutions Pvt. Ltd., as a Junior Executive Officer (JEO). 

His projects and achievements

Meedhansh created his first two big websites at the age of 9, one for school and, which was launched on International Yoga Day by Sh. Vijay Sampla, Ex. Cabinet Minister, Member of Parliament, Chairman, NCSC. His interest in business began increasing. With the refuge of the Global pandemic in 2020, he took the initiative to society aware of novel coronavirus through technology. Meedhansh first launched on 20th March 2020. He started a telemedicine helpline number service with the help of some doctors from pan India and engaged himself in social welfare. Indeed Meedhansh’s high spirit and exceptional thinking know no bounds!

He was appreciated for the website and was felicitated with the certificate of appreciation through the Nodal Incharge of the Jalandhar city Ms. Navneet Kaur Bal, Commissioner of Police, S. Gurpreet Singh Bhullar, and Chief Minister Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh.

Just after the relaxation of lockdown, he developed the portal to encourage people to stay alert and safe after the peace of lockdown announced by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. 

With a strong faith in spirituality, he launched the portal and worked round the clock with his parents for the world-famous Golden Temple, followed by a letter of appreciation.

In August 2020, Meedhansh incepted his own company and taken charge as the CEO of Entreprocoder Private Limited, which means Professional Coders Entrepreneur, with a mission to make every child like himself and teach programming to the business enthusiast who wants to make a mark as an entrepreneur at a young age. Currently, he provides teaching to children of all ages at the national and international level together with website development under the supervision of his parents.

Business is not just everyone’s cup of tea, where a lot depends on the mindset. Meedhansh Kumar Gupta is the live example that wears many hats soaring high with his proper dedicated business mindset, hard work, and complete commitment. It’s no surprise that he is the millennial of the generation who is paving his path and elevating to innovative levels. His entrepreneurship skill is undoubtedly leaving a mark on the world for every young business enthusiast! 

Mob: +91 9875931110, +91 9876881181 LL: +91 181 4618880 


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