My name is Akshay Bhabutkar. I am a digital marketing coach and author. My book “nayee soch” has also got an award in the motivational storytelling category. I live here Dhamangaon railway, district Amravati.

     I used to like working on a computer from school life, watching videos on YouTube for hours. During college time, I used to watch videos related to digital marketing, and from there used to do all the things throughout the day. I also learned from many youtube channels and graphic design, and from there, my earnings started. But I had to learn advanced digital marketing very well, and I was not able to learn it properly from home, so I left college and went to Nagpur to learn digital marketing. I just had to learn digital marketing from which expert by doing it properly because I had a lot of interest in this field from school life itself.

   But in Nagpur, where I took digital marketing classes, they taught all the theory and basic things and took more money from us. You see, in the market, people do not teach properly, digital marketing is a practical field, but most of the institutes teach only theory and basics. Because of that, both my money and time were wasted, and the rent of my room in Nagpur, where I belonged, was also high. So I could not understand what to do, but I did not give up. I was taught digital marketing from there after seeing the institute, and part-time, I was earning money by doing digital marketing myself. I had a lot of free time in Nagpur, so I wrote a book in it. I liked to read the book and had free time, then wrote the book, and after a few years, my book “nayee soch” also got the award in the motivational storytelling category field.

  Then I did a job in Nagpur for a few years in digital marketing so that I could understand the practical things better. Then from there, I went to Indore to learn more advanced things. Got to learn a lot of good things there.

As far as I have done market research, more people here are teaching only basic and theory things, so students do not understand digital marketing. That’s when I thought that I should learn all digital marketing, I also have to take out my own digital marketing institute and teach well practically, and by giving good support, I had thought that then.

  And also now I teach digital marketing very well from my village, dhamangaon railway, and provide good support and practical skills to the students.

 Both my mother, Karuna Bhabutkar, and papa Pramod Bhabutkar are teachers, and I also like to teach students. I learned this from my parents only, how to teach hard things to students in an easy way.

   I just use time very well to move forward in my life. Even today, I follow my fixed a proper timetable, and you guys will also plan everything with time, then you will get success in every field. Never stop learning in life. In the digital marketing field, new things keep coming here every day, so stay updated and keep learning things.

 I have struggled a lot in life but never gave up. If you are engaged in some work, then one-day success will be with you.

 My strength is one that I am able to teach hard things in very easy language to students.

   Looking at the current situation, I would like to say that don’t run after only degree, certificate, theory, knowledge, learn skills practically. The one who has the skills will remain successful.

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