ONEDESIGN set to revolutionise the creative industry with its new “Agency 2.0” Plan

India’s most ranked branding agency, ONEDESIGN, founded by Satya Subham Rout and Sahil Pradhan, aims to upgrade the creative industry and take the whole system a step ahead with the mission of building the largest regulated creative agency in the world. 

The processes of an agency that are now controlled and are limited by humans are going to be substituted by a platform that will handle everything from getting leads to managing closures, doing service deliveries and the entire discussion panel, managing finances, and raising payments to finishing delivery and getting the feedback. 

Everything will happen on one singular application. This is taking the entire service industry to the next level, creating automation of almost 60%.

The benefits of these for the clients are:

Verified Creators only

ONEDESIGN is not a freelance market, so every creator they onboard are verified against service deliverables and quality of work.

Dedicated Account Manager

ONEDESIGN doesn’t want you to street shop here. Like in the agency, an accounts manager will curate your team, manage all progress, and help you complete the project.

Structured Progress

Clients can keep track of every milestone, phase, and payment, all under one single dashboard. This makes progress tracking easy.

The benefits of these for the creative workforce are:

Payments as you desire

ONEDESIGN has made it easy for creators to request advance payments, phase-wise payments, and project completion payments

Bid your value

Projects will be offered to creators with a fixed budget, and you can bid your price for them. Hence, there won’t be a case of underpayment anyway.

Level up & Earn more

A skill tracking program assesses your performance and automatically directs you to higher-pay projects over time.

With all these happening, ONEDESIGN aims to collaborate with 10,000 creators worldwide in the next 05 years and successfully deliver more than 100,000 projects in the record time. If this feat is achieved, ONEDESIGN will set a new record in the entire agency business and become the most significant creative agency ever to exist.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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