Paras School Noida, a Reputed CBSE School in Greater Noida West

Paras Public school is a reputed school located in on of the prime locations of Greater Noida West. We continuously strive hard to produce students, who in turn shall be counted amongst the successful citizen of the country; Paras School is affiliated with CBSE, NEW Delhi. We are one the best CBSE school in Greater Noida West.

The education imparted in our school generates a kind of education, which is the culmination of hand and sincere work of our efficient, & team of well-qualified teachers.

We together bring about changes in the overall personality of your child to shape a better society with proper knowledge of human rights, moral values, pen-paper work, and co-curricular activities.

We provide best of knowledge via well equipped Atal Tinkering  Laboratories  where students perform and learn. Here Robotics is inculcated in our curriculum looking at the bright side of the boom of Artificial Intelligence in today’s progressing world.

Our School has CCTV Surveillance in every nook and corner of the premises.

Every classroom in our School is provided with smart boards, which aids in audio-visual impart of knowledge.

We vehemently promote outdoor and indoor sports for overall development of students’ personality.

We have different kinds of medicinal plants grown in the School’s garden so that students can be aware of medicinal plants like Sarpgandha.

Parasian Functional team makes it clear to children what to do or not to do, so they are handy way to guide children’s behavior too.  We encourage their good behavior

Our academic research-  with a pandemic disrupting life across the entire globe, our functional teachers scrambled to transform their physical classrooms into virtual.  WE have high performing virtual classrooms. Students generate a lot of questions in their do-it-yourself learning class. Students who generate good questions are better learners. Engaging ways to students create highly productive questions 

Paras School Greater Noida is the first school to Introduce The Coding And Robotics As Per Nep Guidelines.

Students love to learn languages surprisingly, CODING is the most appropriate way to give the right path to their energy. Learning how to code more resembles learning a language such as Chinese or Spanish than learning math, it’s the conventional wisdom about what makes a good programmer.   Here students learn not only British language but French and German too. We have well-experienced and foreign language faculties trained from particular country that make our students to communicate fluently in their adoptive languages.  Apart from languages we do have the best well trained and experienced PHD faculties who make our students to learn not only by teaching, audio visual learning but by do-it-yourself learning in the Atal tinkering lab, where we are having many equipment’s through which students learn by fun based learning, advance technology, do-it-yourself learning and many more.

Sports – Archery is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or disability. Whether practiced indoors or outdoors, competitively or socially. Archery is not only great fun in our school but it promotes an active lifestyle: improving strength, mental focus and many more achievements.

Here our Parasians learn many sports activities like-

Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, volleyball, football, cricket, skating, yoga, Zumba

Our well-trained coaches of trained our students in the particular school timings. We send our students in the various places for Inter House School Competitions to achieve and to enhance their archery skills.

Target applicant’s- The parents who thoughtfully curate a balanced list of schools tend to have less stressful application processes than those who apply to dozens.  They end up with the PARAS SCHOOL, plenty of which are well satisfied. Our target is to provide them the platform where they not only learn but perform too. 

Extra curricular – It’s an essential part of our co-educational institution, as it demonstrate who we are and our students outside of the classroom and provide an opportunity to showcase your leadership and community involvement. However, it takes long to build an authentic extracurricular profile that strategically enhances your candidacy.

At Paras Public School, assures full growth and development of a child as world-class leaders. Hence, there is no doubt that Paras School Greater Noida West is of the top 10 CBSE School in Greater Noida. For more information, please visit:

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