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Do you need help deciding what the best course of action for your life is? Then astrology is the thing that will assist you in discovering it. Humans aren’t used to uncertainty and like to have all of their questions answered, so they don’t have to worry about the unknown. In However, in the last several years, a lot has changed. Individuals have struggled to maintain a clear course in the face of increasing uncertainty and are often taking the help of astrology to resolve such problems.

Alka Chaturvedi is an astrologer and the founder of Planets at Play. She feels that astrology may help people become more self-aware and find the true purpose behind their life. As bizarre as it may seem, Alka did not seek out astrology; rather, astrology sought her out. She married at the age of 19 after having two children and went on to become a chartered accountant. When her father was looking for a suitable marriage for her daughter, he consulted an astrologer who predicted that she would marry into a business family, and it turned out to be true. This incident generated curiosity about astrology in Alka, and she instantly found her calling. Alka could not find the joy she desired while practicing CA and then investing in the stock market, which she got from her love and passion for astrology.

She realised her true destiny was astrology in the year 2000 and that she was destined to work in this field. At the time, astrology was primarily a male-dominated profession, and Alka recognised that Indians lacked a thorough understanding of the subject. This fuelled her desire to break down barriers and build a name for herself in this field. Alka earned an astrological degree in the United Kingdom. She took full advantage of this blessing for herself, given the booming use of the internet at the time. Her astrology queries and myths were answered on the internet.

She realised how much she enjoyed empathising with others and listening to them. She believes that, regardless of one’s strengths or limits, astrology may help people uncover their actual selves. According to astrology, not everyone you meet will share your attitude or point of view. She realised that astrology is much more than just foretelling the future. It is to recognise and understand the distinctions between yourself and your friends, family, co-workers, and anybody else you come into contact within your life.

Alka was unsure about her career path when she graduated. Her extensive social media presence aided her advancement in astrology, as she used it to connect with others and dispel myths about the subject. She presented several astrology ideas in her YouTube videos in order to increase self-awareness among the general audience. She feels that a trained astrologer can better explain the future by analysing the individual’s mental state and other factors. The astrologer must thoroughly understand the client’s journey and current circumstances. An astrologer must be able to provide the client with valuable remedies. Alka believes that astrology may help people figure out who they are and what their fate will be. Every person is born with a specific life goal, and Alka helps her clients figure out what that aim is.


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