Pureway has been valued at $ 13 million in funding led by Bengaluru based Venture Capitalist.

One of India’s most prominent venture capitalists has valued Pureway at $ 13 million.

Pureway, founded in 2016, has effectively made its presence noticed in the emerging world of e-commerce. Pureway has grown to become India’s Topmost B2B wholesale trading platform, well known for its Ayurvedic hair oil brand ‘KESHMAX’ along with two more leading brands, Pureway retail and Pureway wholesale. 

In four years of its journey, Pureway has successfully built a large team across functions that have the necessary experience in scaling e-commerce companies.

“As managed efficiently in terms of logistics, sales, and marketing, Pureway plans to become a part of Trillion $ industry in the coming years,” said Sanjeev Taneja, Managing director (MD), Pureway.   

Pureway seeks to connect the small retailers with the wholesalers, thereby increasing operational efficiency.

Sanjeev Taneja further shared Pureway’s focus on outstanding customer service makes it different in India and globally. Pureway masters in automating and increasing accessibility of products at the right time and at the right place with zero tolerance.

Pureway’s vision gives Sanjeev Taneja and his team a sense of direction and destination. They aspire of being the best in everything they do.




Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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