Rajdeep Bhattacharjee – Story of a passionate food blogger devoted to only food, travel, and drinks

Rajdeep Bhattacharjee is the founder of the websites Gourmets Travel Guide, BotolPuran, PanchPhoronKolkata, and PanchPhoronIndia, which are all about travel, food, and drinks. Rajdeep has been writing blogs for over six years, and his work is distinguished by a unique, unmistakable style with a distinct personal touch. Rajdeep has received ISO 15700 accreditation from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), as well as other wine and scotch tasting qualifications, including WSET levels 1 and 2.

With the introduction of social media and technology, food blogging is on the rise, as are food bloggers. It goes without saying that food is what makes you who you are. Indian food is vast in its scope, filled with tastes, flavors, layers, textures, and spices of various kinds, and Rajdeep finds his way to enlightenment to satisfy his soul as well as inform his audience so that it makes travel easy for the audience. Rajdeep had been able to discover many locales, culinary traditions, and cultures from a vantage point of knowing different delicacies, their culture, and the people through food and travel.

The number of people who are starting to blog about food is increasing. It’s their love of food that motivates them to write down creative recipes, reveal trade secrets, and talk about their experiences in the kitchen or at a restaurant. Blogging has grown in popularity as an effective internet marketing and branding tool for companies of all sizes. According to the findings of a recent poll, more than 75% of Internet users read blogs, implying that 346 million individuals around the world read blogs. It’s not surprising, given the statistics, that the number of food bloggers has risen rapidly around the world. Rajdeep, as a travel and food influencer, is able to do things that only a few people can. He travels to new countries to learn about new cultures, try new delicacies, and make new memories. It is the most desired way of life that people want to live. He is incredibly enthusiastic about his work and looks forward to going to work each day.

Rajdeep Bhattacharjee is an aspiring food critic and travel blogger who is passionate about food and travel. As a native Bengali, he is unafraid to explore other foods and palates. As a result of his love, he has dined in a variety of places in India and overseas. He despises the term ‘foodie,’ preferring instead to use the phrase ‘food enthusiast’. The best motivators for him are delicious food and honest people. Furthermore, he appears to have an insatiable need to travel, prompting him to pack his knapsack and go anytime he has some free time throughout his hectic schedule.

And, of course, Rajdeep’s travels are usually interspersed with food and entertainment. He will motivate you to step outside of your comfort zone and take advantage of all that this magnificent planet has to offer. You can almost always find him with a camera slung around his neck and travel gear ready to satiate his inner wanderlust when he’s not blogging about cuisine and travel. More than sharing recipes he takes his audience on an enlightening gastronomical journey through their culinary skills.

Needless to say, the food and beverage industry in India is flourishing, and Rajdeep, as a renowned food blogger, helps businesses increase their revenue by reaching out to their target audience and improving customer engagement. His love of food compelled him to develop a site packed with delectable recipes and plenty of photos that will make you hungry right away. It goes without saying that food and travel are two of the greatest pleasures, and nothing beats combining the two in a gourmet adventure. The amazing presentation style of his contents and genuine captions are what draws viewers to his posts. His posts stand out to be very inspirational for aspiring food and travel influencers. Running a Food & Travel Blog with a full-time job may sound exciting, versatile and diversified but it’s extremely exhausting. The secrets are – passion, continuity and craziness – therefore you will not find enough logic. Rajdeep believes if you want to become a food Blogger then make your goals very simple – enjoy food with the heart and everything you do has to be done with passion.

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