Rekhabaa Chauhan and Ashiksinh Chauhan – A couple striving for the welfare of society

It is understandable that at times, situations and circumstances bind us to a few restrictions and limits. They might be financially constrained or socially constrained, but what matters the most is the big leap, the one thing that brings one out of the misery and gives wings to those who wish to fly over the sky like a free bird. Why would it be the big leap, the daring leap, if everyone could muster the courage to take the step? It demands a lot more than just the thought of breaking the barriers. Rekhabaa Chauhan is one such visionary lady who risked coming out of her comfort zone and now is a youtuber with a channel called “Ritika Real Vlogs” with more than 240 videos on her channel.

Rekhabaa Chauhan is from Badarkha, a small village in the Dholka Taluka of Ahmedabad District in the state of Gujarat. The survival used to be hard and difficult for them and that’s when Rekhabaa started the YouTube channel for the welfare of women in her area. It used to be hard for her in the initial days and she had to face a sheer amount of criticism and comments from the local people about her novel step, but will success embrace one if one cares for the setbacks that try to restrict her? Rekhabaa had turned a deaf ear to all those comments of criticism and moved on with an invaluable amount of dedication and devotion towards her work, and that made her what she is today. With time, she received a lot of appraisals and positive acclaim on the largest video sharing platform.

Rekhabaa Chauhan claims that her inspiration is her husband, Ashiksinh Chauhan, for supporting her and trusting her throughout the journey, and she says that she is forever grateful for all the faith he has in her. Ashiksinh Chauhan is well known for his social activities in the state of Gujarat, and he is devoted to leading the youth of the entire Rajput community towards welfare. Ashiksinh Chauhan poured out his blood and sweat during the protest against the fake encounter of AnandPal Singh of Rajput society in 2017. Ashiksinh Chauhan also played a vital role in protesting against the release of the film Padmaavat throughout the state of Gujarat. In 2017, Ashiksinh Chauhan also organised a Maha Sammelan for Rajput Samaj unity. His dedication and determination towards social activities and bettering the lives of his community are still passing through his veins.

Rekhabaa Chauhan has now joined hands with the generous organisation of Ashiksinh Chauhan that helps the needy and underprivileged whenever there is a crisis. The organisation always played an active role and was always the first to serve the needy. Relief materials, food packages, blood donation camps, and the distribution of blankets to the poor in the winter season. They have also distributed food and daily essentials on a daily basis on a large scale to the needy in the pandemic crisis. Besides all of these social activities, Ashiksinh Chauhan stood with the students and supported and led them during educational problems such as student honours, distribution of books, programmes for harmony, and had put all his sincere efforts into the socio-economic upliftment of the society.

Rekhabaa Chauhan is planning to establish a charitable trust for women’s empowerment alongside her YouTube channel, with the help of her husband, with the goal of assisting weak women in society. Rekhabaa Chauhan and Ashiksinh Chauhan, as two individuals, are doing a lot for society and are striving every single second for the betterment of lives and to wipe out the social demons completely.

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