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SportiWe (NGSportiwe Technologies Pvt. Ltd), a startup headquartered in Mysore, and tech developed in Vadodara, will project a new web and mobile based product do its users. It is not only a dream come true for its founders but also to millions of sports enthusiasts who do not have a singular platform for their sporting engagement.

SportiWe is a concept conceived by its founder Varun Gururaja who wanted people to continue with their Sporting habits forever. So, he identified the problems for a lot of people because they discontinue the Sporting habits from the school days. He came together with his co-founder Amey Dalvi to identify these problems and what can be done about it.

They came out with a problem statement. Players quit sporting for one of the three reasons:

  1.  Access of sporting infrastructure in life outside institutional setup like schools and University.
  1.  No playmates or co-players after day move out of more accessible places of their Sporting habits.
  1.  Lack of awareness about the availability of Sporting goods and services.
  1. An online sporting community to engage with their favorite sport. 

Varun & Amey then came up with came up with most appropriate catch phrase for SportiWe which being Match-Meet-Play. This not only defines the solution for the problem but literally what their product does.

Santosh Gowda came in as a first believer who invested in the idea to make this dream a reality. He not only agreed to the problem but also understood the need for a product like this in today’s market.

Backed by Mr K S Gururaja, Mrs. Nalini Gururaja and Dr Suri. SportiWe came into existence. The journey which started with just 2 members as a Team is now a family of over 20 full time and 10 part time employees in Mysore & Vadodara and is planning to further extend the operations by hiring people in major cities of the country.  

The company was recognized by Startup India earlier this year. SportiWe was qualified as the top 3 finalist businesses in the IIT -Bombay 10 minute to million contest.

SportiWe boasts a stable Sporting ecosystem that let’s its users find each other geographically, it helps them find venues around them, let’s them rate and review the venues which is one of the most important features as knowing the place before you go there better the experience only. SportiWe also lets you connect with users with your common Sporting interest’s community level.

SportiWe, promises it’s users a constant feature update forever which will enable the users to simplify their sporting lives forever too.

SportiWe will be available on Web, Android and IOS platforms.

April 3rd marks its launch day, when SportiWe opens its website for the world. This is a beta launch which will let the users take the experience of the web and in turn apps when they arrive on the app store and play store respectively. 

Projected to go out of beta and a full face roll out in couple of month post April 3rd SportiWe as an ambition to turn the whole globe into its users very soon.

With a dream to make the world a fitter place April 3rd marks an important milestone for SportiWe and the Sporting enthusiasts.

To know more about SportiWe, visit and register for Free. 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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