Srinivas Kasulla – Indian Biogas Expert, Director – Arka Brenstech Private Limited 

Mr Kasulla, an internationally renowned technocrat in the field of biogas, is a working professional and an active individual to promote Biogas at various levels in India. He has got over 20 years of experience in the Biogas industry leading to several milestone projects to his credit. His vast knowledge continuously assists investors and Government entities in selecting the right technology and preparing due diligence/feasibility studies. His contributions towards innovative developments of various additives like enzymes, cultures, mixture of macro and micronutrients, which can increase and optimize the productivity, and profitability of a biogas plant, require special attention to showcase the social and environmental impact in an applied manner. He is doing advocacy in the environmental field to ensure that Bio-energy not only becomes an option but a compulsion for India’s dream towards a clean and green nation!

From preliminary feasibility studies and plant design to commissioning and start-up is what Arka Brenstech Private Limited provides a full range of engineering and consulting services in the field of Biogas. Surveys, expert reports, research and plant optimization measures, an inspection of technical safety equipment, Biogas laboratory equipment, and laboratory digesters are only a few of the services we provide in the biogas industry.

Arka Brenstech Private Limited is independent of equipment suppliers, and subcontractors provide customer-specific, competent, and innovative solutions. We reduce environmental impact through emissions and contribute to enhancing workplace safety by focusing on safety technology. Arka Brenstech Private Limited is a biogas engineering firm with a global presence. The collective experience of the plants is over 160 references from all over the world. 

Process technology is tailored to the input substrate and local conditions. We design the best and most customised solution for our clients based on the input substrates. 

Our team has experience not only with agricultural substrates such as slurry, animal dung, wheat/paddy straw, press mud, spent wash, and other agricultural crop residues, as well as various energy crops such as grass silage or maize silage, but also with commercial waste such as kitchen waste, food leftovers, canteen waste, food industry waste, out-of-date foodstuffs from the retail trade, organic waste from industries such as fruit residues, and market waste such as fruit and vegetable residues or segregated municipal solid waste. With substrate-specific pre-treatment, including the removal of undesired components and extra hygienization if needed, as well as various fermentation methods, we include one and two stages, mesophilic and thermophilic fermentation, and wet and dry fermentation plants. We are a technology company that also provides know-how. We do provide turnkey Biogas and Bio-CNG/ Bio-CBG facilities and are independent of any provider, designing various solutions based on our clients’ demands. High fermenters with excellent agitation properties are frequently our first choice, but we also construct flat fermenters with a gas storage roof or a plug-type flow system when necessary.

Mr Kasulla is the only person in the Biogas Industry who gives a buy-back assurance for the organic manure generated at the projects where Arka Brenstech is involved. 

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