Techie Noob or Nerd – SpicyTruth is here for you

Are you a techie? Or even an amateur who’s tired of all the technical jargon and detailed articles and information online thrown at you. Whatever the case, the SpicyTruth is here to wash your worries away. Find the latest news articles on technology, space, science, and Electric cars within a hundred words. To the point, short, sweet, and succinct.

The Man Behind the SpicyTruth

Meet Mr. Candramouli, a Software Engineer from Hyderabad, a techie, and a dedicated newsreader. Ever since his boyhood, a young Chandra Mauli would stay updated on the news and garnered the habit of reading the newspaper daily, he took it on from his father. Chandramouli said, “Nanna (Dad) would sit his cup of morning tea and read his crisp copy of that day’s paper with unwavering attention and I would drink my Boost out of my Superman mug and read the YoungWorld edition”. This habit never left him and now he has grown to have a mind of high intellect and curiosity with the piercing ability to read in between the lines in the news. He slowly fell in love with Technology and would research and keep a track of news from any new model releases to tech company mergers. He was the go-to guy in his circle if anyone wanted news on this. He took it seriously and was determined to keep them wary. Chandramouli adds, “It is very crucial to stay up to date and aware of your surroundings”

The Birthing of an Idea

He decided to start the SpicyTruth as a beacon of hope to honest and succinct journaling. He got inspired by the existing app InShorts, he loved the idea and thought it was very efficient but he saw that it lacked bits of techie news and he thought to fill that gap through the SpicyTruth. He attempts to distribute his curated news all throughout India. He and his brother started this website joining their passions of technology and discussion about the news, there’s also an open-ended discussion that is active on their website through the comment section.

What is the SpcicyTruth?

SpicyTruth is a small, independent news website that is committed to honest and unbiased news via reporting. When you can’t trust news channels and papers, here’s this man, one among us understanding and acknowledging our confusion and making his best attempts to keep us aware and alert. SpicyTruth won’t wear you down with unnecessary details and slow you down. Chandramouli asserts, “We know you want to know what’s up and we give it to you FAST!”. This is why they do just that, providing interesting bits of news and pieces within a hundred words to keep you aware and intelligent in the shortest amount of time. You can be that person in your friend group that is now a techie geek instead of a clueless noob.

On your nearest phone screens soon!

To make it easier on the go, their mobile application is in the works and will soon be released but for now, to scratch your tech or interesting news related itch, you can always visit their website which has a simple and user-friendly layout to get you the freshest and spiciest news.

Visit them here:

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