The Rising Journey Towards Digital Literacy for Women Entrepreneurs- Prerna Rajora

Prerna Rajora is a renowned Entrepreneur, a Social Media Strategist with the 17 years of work experience in the field of Marketing and communication, she is also an International Author and Speaker. She is the Chairperson for Digital Literacy Chamber, Delhi for MentorX. 

Prerna Rajora is holding master’s degree in MBA from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. She is a diploma holder in Naturopathy. She is practicing Meditation, Reiki and other modalities of Meditation since 21 years. She is also a spiritual counsellor and helps the needy with tarot cards and intuitive readings from divine energy. She was awarded as Women Hero Award from Indo Canadian Association, Digital Marketer of the year 2021, Swami Vivekanand Changemaker Award in 2021, The Most Influential Women of 2021, The Real Super Women Awards 2020, Glory Award 2020, Power Women Award and many more.  

Her entrepreneur journey started in year 2009, when she started an online business for women’s ethnic wear by name Alaia Couture. It all worked well for few years but lack of digital marketing knowledge lead her business towards the downfall and she had to close it completely in year 2016. After that she took a professional Digital Marketing certification. During her certification she started a pilot project “Aao Kabi Haveli Pe” as a food blog forum and her journey as a digital marketer started from there. She start getting projects from various Food and beverage outlets for their digital promotions and she helped them with digital marketing services. While she was busy with all these projects, few old fellow entrepreneurs from her previous online business asked her to help them for their digital promotions. While helping them she realized that there are so many females who are doing online business and doing same mistakes in their digital promotions that she was doing. As once upon a time, she herself was in the same situation and couldn’t afford the digital marketer. So she decided to provide digital marketing services to such women entrepreneurs and also launched a small workshop Social Media for Business to train women entrepreneurs for the basic understanding of Social media marketing. She feel proud to say that now those women are digitally literate and working effectively for the digital presence of their online business. 

Prerna is now a founder of Rising Women and Co-Founder of Meet Digital Marketer. 

Under Rising Women, she helps women entrepreneurs by providing them Social Media for Business workshops. Rising Women make the women entrepreneurs digitally literate and help them grow their business digitally. They also provide digital marketing services to women entrepreneurs at pocket friendly prices. Rising women also organise multiple events round the year for Inspiring home-grown women entrepreneurs, to recognise their good work and encourage them to grow towards the better height of their business. These events are organised on Women’s Day and Women Entrepreneurship Day. Prerna believes that encouragement and networking gives us motivation to work more efficiently towards our motive of work. 

She is also Co-founder of Meet Digital Marketer. She handles the organisation with her Co-founder Mr. Manmit Singh. The purpose of Meet Digital Marketer is to help small scale entrepreneurs to scale their business on digital space. They believe, there are so many digital marketing agencies in the market, but most of them are catering the bigger brands or established entrepreneurs, and others are very expensive. So, Manmit and Prerna started MDM for small and medium scale entrepreneurs with pocket friendly prices and quality work. Their this initiative did wonders for many of their clients who were start-ups and now scaled themselves on digital space. 

These days’ people just want to earn money from customers and don’t focus on quality. MDM don’t take projects just for the sake of earning money. Whenever they get any query for digital marketing services, they study the profile of the client, check their all-social media handles and suggest them the best platform for their business. The charges are affordable to every pocket. 

Prerna always believes that Best Marketing doesn’t feel like marketing, and she follows the same in her work. Her thumb rule of life is grow together, Rise and Shine. She is really working towards Rise and shine for women entrepreneurs and helping the small-scale entrepreneurs in growing together.

Together we can change the world!

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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