Thread stories – Footwear woven with love

We all understand how vital a good pair of shoes is to us. They are an integral accessory to our outfits, and they often tie our entire outfits together. But how often do we consider how the shoes we love are made? Do we consider the techniques of vegetable tanning, threading, and embroidery that these processes entail? This is where Thread Stories comes in, as a customer-driven brand that specialises in delivering a wide range of women’s footwear. It is also a responsible and sustainable brand, as all of the footwear is handcrafted by skilled artisans who produce high-quality, affordable products.

Juttis – An evergreen footwear

Do you recall the rows of bright Juttis you used to see at every street market you went to? The variety of colours, textures and tones and how the visuals reflected the joyous and jovial nature of the Indian life. Juttis are a type of footwear that will never go out of style, no matter how many new trends in footwear appear. A salwar kameez paired with a jutti is an amazing combination. The symbolism of juttis with festivals and joy is one that thread stories recognise and aim to recreate.

Tale of Thread Stories

A 22-year-old, created thread stories with the vision to make the brand happen and stand out among the crowd and that is exactly what thread stories have been doing since its conception.

Rohini Hans, a hotel management graduate from IHM Mumbai, is the face and mind behind Thread Stories. She set out to make a fruitful and successful career for herself, and she succeeded admirably. She took use of her particular passion for fashion. By conducting an in-depth study on numerous market trends, she turned her enthusiasm and interest into a meaningful proposal. This is what inspired her to launch Thread Stories, a brand that started off selling solely women’s juttis but has since evolved into a comprehensive footwear line with shoes for all events, emotions, and vibes.

The growth of this brand has been phenomenal, and the fact that they run all year round is a testament to that. This brand has been a favourite of celebrities since its debut. Sania Mirza donned a pair of the patent “Ghungroo Juttis” on the cover of Aza Magazine, and Thread Stories has also been noticed on Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Pooja Gor, Adah Sharma, Shama Sikander, Shirley Setia, Ashnoor Kaur, and many more celebs!

‘Thread stories’ is for everyone, and the brand has been carefully curated to ensure that everyone finds the perfect match. While thread stories have achieved several remarkable accomplishments, as previously said, this is merely the beginning of their journey. They have several more milestones to achieve.

What makes Thread Stories special?

Before becoming an all-around women’s footwear brand, this brand was known for its juttis. They currently offer a variety of styles. There are many different types of stylish footwear, ranging from casual juttis to floral kolhapuris. All of the shoes are handcrafted by artists that work relentlessly to create beautiful and inexpensive products.

Thread stories also offer a diverse assortment of juttis and footwear for all occasions. These can be dressier, more extravagant-looking footwear for special occasions such as anniversaries, or celebrity-style footwear. The collections offer a wide range of colour, cut, and style options, making them incredibly customer-friendly.

To summarize, a firm that prioritises customer satisfaction while also offering a diverse range of handcrafted and affordable products is impossible not to admire. This brand, Thread Stories, is just that, and one that will continue to thrive for years to come.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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