Tribal Development Project Started By Ramzan Shaikh, Founder Of HopeMirror Foundation.

HopeMirror Foundation took a survey of two tribal

villages (Aadiwasi Wadi) located near Kharghar city:

1. Gholwadi

2. Aambawadi

It was learned by conducting an oral survey that there is an

urgent requirement for occupation pattern, education status of

kids, income sources, and infrastructure facilities.

Team HopeMirror introduced two projects naming

1. ‘Project Shiksha.’

2. ‘Project Sakhi.’

With these two projects, HopeMirror aims to Educate the tribal

students, employe all needy women and men also. We are planning another project to make their livelihood better. We aim to make the tribal community independent. These are not the only two Wadis we work in. HopeMirror Foundation is also tied up with various other NGOs and is working with different tribal populations across Maharashtra.

What is Project Shiksha?

‘Project Shiksha’ helps the tribal children to educate those who do not understand the value of education.

HopeMirror is currently running this project near Kharghar city.

Members of our team volunteer and make sure to pay attention to

every single child’s development after looking at the education

status of the children, income sources, and infrastructure facilities.

Our aim is to transform the tribal villages into modern villages. We

look forward to educating more children from the tribal community

and bringing them out into the world with the help of education.

It helps the skill development of children by teaching them arts and crafts, drawing, English speaking, sports, etc.

What is Project Sakhi?

HopeMirror Foundation works on rebuilding broken lives. As we conducted a survey and learned that there are numerous families

whose daily struggles to fulfill basic needs, we also realized that

only raising donations and funds isn’t going to help them in the

long run. Surekha, who is widowed, and Laxmi, who is a single

mother, were among them. So we decided to help them initially. 

To help them in the long run, we decided to set up production for

incense sticks and train them to produce their own products. We

helped them brand their products as “Sakhi Agarbatti .”

‘Project Sakhi’ is to empower single mothers or widows, so they get an opportunity to earn and meet their basic needs. HopeMirror foundation has provided them with machinery to make incense sticks. Our professionals have taught them how to make and pack incense sticks.

Team hopemirror is in contact with these women, helping them increase their sales by distributing their products to the volunteers of the foundation also helps in marketing.

“Hopemirror foundation always tries to solve different problems of the society. 

Since the last two years, the hopemirror foundation has tried to help society in activities like pandemic relief, women empowerment, poverty elevation, employment, health, old age home, etc.

We decided to start long-lasting projects, so we started a tribal development project in which we started project Shiksha and Sakhi from the point of view of education of tribal children and tribal women empowerment.

We are now planning to start another project for the tribal community named Project’ Aarogya’, in which we provide not only free health checkups but also free medicines to the needy tribal people. 

Our main aim is to make this tribal area a smart Village by solving all the problems and issues of this community like water problems, sanitary problems, employment, health, etc.

“For this, we are also planning more projects.

Hopefully, we will succeed as early as possible in our Dream project, quoted by Ramzan Shaikh, Founder of Hopemirror foundation.


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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