The sudden death of many celebrities such as Siddhartha Shukla or K.K. is very sad and left lot of people and their fans teary eyes. One morning they were happy and dancing, singing in concerts, acting, laughing and the other morning we heard the news of their sudden deaths. Every fan cried and felt sad for losing their heroes. According to an interview by some doctors every second we lose heart muscles and heart diseases are becoming common so awareness is very important. https://youtu.be/Pwl5Lp5MvwY . But what are the actual reason behind there sudden deaths. Let us know more about it in details. 

We all very well know Siddharth Shukla. He was a very famous television actor who died suddenly on September 2 2021 due to unknown reasons. After the post mortem the reason which came up was sudden heart attack. Yes you read it right. It was a heart attack to a 40 years old young man who regularly uses to go to the gym and was physically fit. But was he really physically fit? Or was that physically fitness from outside only? Researchers have suggested that the main cause of any heart attack is excess pressure on the walls of heart due to various reasons such as stress, lifestyle, wrong diet and very important genetics. Yes you read it right. Genetic plays a major role in such cases when someone is dying so young due to heart attack. Let us know more about relationship of genetics and heart attack.

According to Dr. Naresh Trehan the people whose parents have diabetes or heart problems must get themselves checked before the age of 30years. According to him maximum patients nowadays whom he operated were below age 40years. Heart disease is becoming very common now days and the major reason is the genetics factors early in life. https://youtu.be/GHmUfFjsjgc

It has been recorded that from 2014 there is huge increases in cases of heart attack. Total 18309 people died due to heart attack and 28005 people died due to heart attack in 2019 which is rising day by day every year all over the world as well as in India. Heart attack is a leading health problem, affecting millions of people in world. For some of the heart attacks are genetics which play a role in conferring risk for disease. The precise magnitude of the role of genetics, however, varies by disease and by other factors such as age, lifestyle etc… Over the past century there have been thousand of researches saying that genetics may be the one of the major reasons of many disease and heart attacks tops that list. Naturally occurring genetics factors which come from your parents may cause you heart attack despite you think you are healthy and living a healthy life. This particular thing is very important for anyone to know.

We read in news papers recently that K.K. was very fit and healthy and performed at the stage at concert in Kolkata recently. He sang songs for very long hours but as soon as he stopped singing he started feeling pain and sweating and thought it was just because of too much of hotness in temperature at Kolkata. When his condition got worsened he was took the hospital nearby. There at hospital he was found dead and reason doctors stated in all the interviews and reports that he died due to heart attack. Can you imagine this? He was happily singing among a lot of crowd and then he was dead next morning. His managers and other colleagues said that he was totally fit and was not taking any medications also. Everyone around him also said that he was not into drugs or was alcoholic. He was very healthy man. So till now you can understand that genetics are one of the reasons that caused heart attack to many young celebrities. For K.K. also Dr. Naresh Trehan said that the basis cause of heart disease in younger people is genetic. People often ignore that genetics are very important and should not be ignored to prevent from heart attacks. https://youtu.be/MXKO2Xynz9k

There is another very famous case of death of south Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar. He was very famous hero of South Indian industry and his sudden death many of his fans sad. Everyone there was so shocked that many of his fans were unable to speak a single word during the interviews by the news channels. Again the same thing his doctors said that the cause of his sudden death was heart attack. He died recently at the age of 46 years old. Shocked?

So till now you have understood that from Siddharth to K.K. to Puneeth all these actors were very young and reason behind their death was heart attack. Money doesn’t buy you health. Even you are very rich and have lots of money still if you are not healthy your money can not do anything to save you. So what should we do? How should we protect over selves from not getting a heart attack as such young age? The answer is very simple. The answer is genetic test and personalized nutrition.

All these celebrities who died at such young as 40 year old or 45 year old they all were very physically fit according to them. But the actual thing is they were not fit from inside. They all use to go to the gym daily but their diets were not Personalized Nutrition. Personalized nutrition is very important for any one and Nutrillion is best for personalized nutrition. Nutrillion works on the root cause and through genetic testing we can easily know that root cause and on the basis of genetic test personalized nutrition is made. If you want to stay healthy and you don’t want to die at very young age due to heart attack contact Nutrillion now.

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