ICF-Certified Trainer and Coach Neela Moitra: Transforming the Lives of the Working Population through Her Soft-Skills Training

In today’s saturated job market, developing one’s skills apart from displaying academic excellence is the key to securing one’s position. With rapid changes all over the world and technology as the driving force, learning and upgrading one’s skills to survive in a real work environment is essential as it exposes one to new opportunities.

India is a country that offers massive growth opportunities and has a huge labour market. Even though the demand for skilled labour is rising day by day, the unemployment rates remain unaffected. One of the major reasons contributing to this shortage is the lack of basic employable skills such as communication, behavioural skills, and other soft skills.

Neela Moitra with her 2 decades of experience is a Hyderabad-based ICF-certified trainer and coach and the founder of the Grow and Glow organization. She has expertise in training and providing coaching in life skills and has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of banking and insurance. Her work profile included various dynamics that significantly helped her develop discipline, communication, and behavioural skills. After observing the rate at which people were losing jobs around her, Neela decided to provide communication and soft skills training to help people excel in their professional and personal lives.

She has set a benchmark by providing training to people of all age groups through her organisation and is also involved in helping people in various other domains by motivating them and helping them build a positive attitude in life. Her approach has left an indelible mark by transforming the lives of various people and helping them accomplish their desired goals. In addition, Neela has successfully established a dominant position in the market as a trainer and is actively involved in organising workshops, training sessions, and seminars to educate people about the importance of soft skills in everyday life.

Neela exclusively stresses building three skills to succeed in every aspect of life. These include:

Sales training: Marketing and sales skills are closely linked with the ability to persuade people by tackling human emotions. Learning this skill is a must to succeed in the business world.

Presentation skills: The way of conducting and presenting oneself in front of customers and your target audience decides your business. This is why presentation skills are mandatory.

Relationship building: Businesses are growing beyond mere monetary transactions. So relationship building is the next step to making your business fruitful through effective relationship building.

Apart from working on developing these skills, Neela also stresses the importance of negotiation skills to improve the way of conducting business. She states that one must be self-motivated in order to put in continuous efforts and achieve their target.

Neela’s training and two decades of experience are responsible for shaping society and positively impacting the lives of people. Besides, her analytical and assessment skills have aided her in providing customised training by drawing a blueprint of their strengths and weaknesses. Neela further aims to empower employees to excel and achieve greater targets in life.

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